Thursday, December 30, 2010

Overheard in bed this morning

misbeHaven rolled over and said, "I'm Life, The Universe and Everything."

She's 42 today.

I Love this woman! She get's me.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Range Day Win

Yesterday Chimera came out to casa de Geek for Christmas dinner and a little shooty goodness. He got a new Magpul stock and CMMG .22LR conversion that needed to be tried out. I also changed out the charging handle catch for an extended version to make things easier with his optics.
I took out misbeHavens AR, my 10/22 and my STI with a Ceiner .22 conversion on it.

Starting at 25 yds to make sure things were on target. We don't have a shooting bench on our range so we used a a rolled up blanket on the hood of the truck as a rest. We then rolled back to 100yds to see how the rifles were doing. The reason I took the AR out was way back when I took it out and shot a variety of ammo through it over a chrono at 100yd targets to check which ammo worked best in her gun. I tested 2 factory loads, 4 mil surp loads and four different powder loads under 55Gr JSP handloads. The best of all the ammo groups was a 1.013" group with 25.6Gr of VV N-135 under the 55Gr JSP. What I didn't try was the 69Gr Moly coated Sierra Match Kings I hand load for my varmint rifle. I wanted to correct that. For my last tests I had a range with a bench and multiple sandbags to take me out of the equation and only look at ammo performance.
Well, I shot four, five shot groups at 100yds using the blanket rest. The groups were 1.98", 0.980", 0.956" and the smallest at 0.703". This was off a blanket on the hood. Not sandbags on a bench. I am rather impressed by the performance of these hand loads.
Just for fun, I took aim an IPSC target with my .22LR Conversion. I managed to put the rounds on the target. Not pretty but at least they were on the cardboard. Back up at 25yds resting on the blanket shot a 3" or so group with the pistol and free hand standing I was able to hold everything in the 6" head of the IPSC target. Actually the first string of 15 was in nominally half of the head. The next string of 15 filled the other half of the head so the gun will hold pretty tight for a conversion.

Overall has to be the best range day for me in a long time.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Police Department Quits

So, the town of Calvert TX is without a police force. Yesterday, the chief and both officers quit. The early speculation was that there was a dispute over holiday/overtime pay. However, I find it interesting that there is mention in one article of the town council having an executive session to discuss police department performance.
Most amusing is the last line in this newspaper article that says they expect to have a new chief by the first of the year. They had a bunch of applicants for a patrol officers position that was recently opened and they can go back through those.


They are expecting to hire a new police chief between now and the first of the year? With the holidays coming? Out of applications for an officers position?

It is no wonder to me that they have problems if this is how they go about staffing thier police department.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sub Caliber Practice

I am a big proponent of sub caliber practice. For a variety of reasons this is a good thing. I can buy an entire case of .22lr for what it costs to reload a few hundred rounds of .40S&W. We can carry this even further with airsoft. There is plenty of debate among gunnies about the practicality of airsoft guns for training. Either as a tool for force on force training or as a tool for shooting practice. So, have a look at the picture and see if you can identify the .40, the .22 or the airsoft. Shouldn't be too hard to do. However, what makes it all work is the fact that they all handle the same. They all have Dawson Awesome fiber front sights and Bomar rears. They all have SV extended triggers (yes the airsoft takes the same trigger parts as the real thing). They all shoot about the same. The .40 has more recoil but that is one of the reasons for doing sub caliber practice. By using the .22 and the airsoft, you can get trigger time with less noise and recoil. This is like dryfire without having to rack the slide. WITH instant feedback on the shooters performance as to accuracy in your trigger control and sight alignment. It is all good. The additional upside is the ability to practice indoors, at the house, without hearing protection.
A handy way, U-Haul wardrobe box with the front folded down and a silhouette taped across the front of the box. Set at the end of the hallway it allows for practice not only group shooting but clearing out of the bedroom and or working corners around the house. Since the heavy cardboard of the wardrobe box captures the airsoft pellets, you can scoop up all the pellets out of the box after wards and recycle them. Makes the practice even less expensive.

Don't forget to get a matching airsoft for your tactical life partner/spouse. That way the two of you can practice moving through the house and engage targets along the way. misbeHaven has her Kimber Custom Stainless Target and a matching airsoft Caspian single stack with matching sights and super short triggers so she has the same feel on her guns as well.

It's all good. Your thoughts?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saw Slayer Cat

Lat night, misbeHaven went to check on a loud noise out in the garage. Knowing the barn cat usually stays in there when it is cold outside but not so cold that he will submit to being indoors with humans. She didn't really pay much attention to the floor as the cat was right outside the door and came through as soon as she opened it.
This morning, I went out for a look and found this. The circular saw normally lives on the third shelf of a set of shelves that is to the right of the picture by about 4 feet. The dark matter on the carpet strip and all over the floor of the garage would be feathers from the cats midnight snack. This is so much better than when he catches a mole or rat and brings them to the garage for evisceration. Just one more thing to clean up when we get home this afternoon.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dreidel song

In honor of Trainwreck posting the swing version of the Dreidel song, Here I would like to present my absolute favorite version of it. By DaVinci's Notebook of course.

Then of course there is always SouthPark and their own unique version.

However, back to DaVinci's notebook. While I really dig their version of the Dreidel song, it is not my favorite of theirs.

Whenever life gets you down,
and you're wearin a frown,
and the gravy train has left you behiiiiinnnnd.
And when you're all out of hope,
at the end of your rope,
and nobody's there to throw you a liiiiiinnnneeee.
If you ever get so low,
that you don't know which way to go,
come on and take a walk in my shows.
Don't worry bout a thing,
got the world on a string,
cause I've got the cure for all of my bluuuueeessss,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Credit Card Fraud SUX

Going through the months CC Bill, misbeHaven found a charge out of Hong Kong and another one that is an order for designer coffee. Neither of those are us. So, rang up the credit card fraud line, canceled the card and disputed the charges. Now we are without that card, which is NBD but, just having to go through this is a pain. Now trying to figure out where the fraud could have originated. Is it a passed on/ stolen card info or is it just random hit?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A bird in the hand

is not worth two Bush's.

You'll get it.


Last night, misbeHaven and I went to "An Irish Christmas with Ronin Tynan" at MSC OPAS.

What a set of pipes this guy has. He sang wonderfully and is very much the entertainer. Unfortunately, I slipped on the stairs on the way in and spent the evening in pain as my ankle was swelling. We debated about whether we could get my boot off or were going to have to cut it off. Hurts enough this morning that I couldn't hardly walk on it to go to the bathroom much less go to work. Besides, it is much larger than it should be and I am trying to keep it on ice and me on drugs.

Anyway, as we were waiting for the evening to start, right at 7:30 rather than the show starting, two rather large gentlemen wearing dark suits, light shirts, red ties and American flag lapel pins come in and looked around. Followed by another similarly attired young man then President George H.W and Barbara Bush and a few more agents. The entire place stood and applauded. It was good to see them out and about but I must say, H.W is looking rather frail.

Anyway, the evening went on and we eventually made it home to two very pissed off cats who were going to starve if they weren't fed in the next 15 minutes. Just ask them.

I will say I was a little disappointed in the evening. Not just because of my foot/ankle/knee. The sound guy needed to turn down the gain on Ronin's mike. He has more than enough lung capacity and control that he could have performed without the amps and sounded much better. Add to that, there there were only a few Christmas songs. I kinda expected more Christmas being called An Irish Christmas. If this is what Christmas in Ireland is like, Remind me never to go there in December. Still it was a nice evening out with the Mrs and I'm still glad we went.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cowboys and Aliens

Thishas the potential to be really really good or really reaaalllllyyyyy BAD!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


When looking for animals you follow the sign. For pig hunting, this would be the mother of all sign! That is supposed to be a nice pasture and on the left side of the picture is the road. Or at least what is left of it. THe hogs tore up everything they could in this clearing including the road.
Unfortunately for us, this was at least a day old and the pack responsible had moved on to another field next door. We did see a couple lone hogs but not the pack or hogzilla we really wanted. Game camera pictures show there is one that is at least 3.5-4 feet tall standing on all fours and very fat. Wish we could have crossed paths with him. Also saw two nice looking little bucks but they will live to grow a little more as their rack was not wide enough to qualify for taking. Besides, this is a doe weekend in Grimes County and it is time to gather some meat.

Friday, November 19, 2010

That sinking feeling

when you are sitting in an office and someone walks in and asks, "Who's driving the truck parked out front?". I answered with the question, which truck? The response was, the brown 4X4 just outside the door. "That would be me." I just hit your truck. At which point, I pointed to misbeHaven and said, "talk to her, it is her truck and I already wrecked it once."

Well, misbeHaven's hair being all up in getting processed, I went outside and had a look. Not anything major at all. They backed into the drivers side rear fender. Damaged the fender flare and the underlying fender and support structure aroudn the wheel well.

They said, well, I have XYZ insurance and they will take care of you. Guess what, we carry XYZ insurance as well. So, we swap info since it is in a private parking lot the PD is not at all interested.
I go back inside and misbeHaven and I talk a bit while her hair is doing its thing. I finally call the insurance company and wade through the automated answering system and work my way through to claims. The claims agent already has my member number with my phone caller ID info that popped up on her screen and she greets me and says, "that's just too weird, I just got off the phone with Xxxxx and we are accepting full responsibility on their policy." Now you may think this is some local insurance company with one person answering the phones. You would be wrong. Lets just say, if you are active or retired military officer, they would likely be your insurance company. Not small to say the least.

Anyway, I have an appointment next week to have the local partner bodyshop have a look and schedule when they can have all the parts and supplies and be ready to do the repairs. Rental will be waiting at the shop when I drop of the truck for repairs as well. All handled directly by the insurance company.

Well, while I would prefer to not have the damage and repair, this treatment, and the cost, is why we carry our auto insurance through them. Same as when misbeHaven had her bad wreck, and back when I crashed her truck when it was two weeks old. They take care of their policy holders well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Act of Culture

This is just way too cool. With all the flash mob activity and such, it is interesting (to me) to see a cultured flash mob.

On Saturday, October 30, 2010, the Opera Company of Philadelphia brought together over 650 choristers from 28 participating organizations to perform one of the Knight Foundation's "Random Acts of Culture" at Macy's in Center City Philadelphia. Accompanied by the Wanamaker Organ - the world's largest pipe organ - the OCP Chorus and throngs of singers from the community infiltrated the store as shoppers, and burst into a pop-up rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's "Messiah" at 12 noon, to the delight of surprised shoppers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Always Remember

Remember those who served! This would be the young Lt being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. For the first time, there is an Oak Leaf Cluster to follow.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today brings a follow up to my last helicopter post that covered Huey's flying in. Well, as I was leaving work this evening there was a rumble from the other side of hanger. I wandered over and there were 4 SeaHawks warming up. Yhe lead had a special tail plane though. It was dark base with SPARTANS across it in gold. Sorry but all I had on me was my cell so the picture is a bit crappy.

I followed up by getting my camera and by the time I got back to the ramp they were taking off in a sloppy trail.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guns -n- Gambling

They just don't mix! At least that's what we are told. You can't have guns in any area where gambling is taking place so that must be prohibited place for those with Concealed Carry Licenses.

What's that?

Armed robbers hitting up a bingo hall? You mean a victim disarmament zone where no one is legally allowed to have the effective tools to fight back? Kinda like no guns in schools as they are a learning environment. No crime can take place there so we don't need guns there.

Election Excriment

So, a bunch of new power hungry psychophants have ousted a bunch of the existing psychophants. Whoop de freakin do! Stay tuned for the flurry of lawsuits and accusations of election fraud as these nut bags try to retain their grip on power. Also, be prepared for the self serving money grubbing legislation that will be rammed down our throats in the next two months by the lame ducktards that still occupy their seats of power. "WaDaYaGoNaDoBoutIt? Fire me?"

Meanwhile, since local news doesn't come on until 05:30 here, we tuned in Houston news. Interesting thing there was that Prop 3 (red light camera continuation) failed overwhelmingly. The ad campaign for it was a union hack from the firefighters union going on about having to pull wreck victims from cars especially children then a hospital administrator who states the fact that "We KNOW red light cameras work". Now that it has been voted down, the cities reaction was, "Now we have to find the money to pay for all the work we wanted to do with the red light camera money. As a result peoples homes are going to get flooded and the streets are going to suck because we can't afford to fix drainage or roads." So, it really wasn't about safety, it was about revenue to pay for things the city should have been doing already and haven't.

The city council meeting this morning in Houston yielded some interesting results. The city controller announced the city would lose $10 million in revenue with the cameras gone. The city annouced that the cameras will stay on and people will still get tickets and have to pay them until they decide what to do. The city has a contract with ATS for another two years and ATS hasn't decided if they are going to sue the city over this yet!

What a crock of sticking poo! If this doesn't show all too clearly that these cameras never were about safety but are all about money then I don't know what will. That is all this is about money! I'm glad we got that settled here locally.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Powder Explosion Aftermath

If you remember back in may the explosion at Black Mag powder manufacturer, the official OSHA ruling has come down.

Gunpowder manufacturer fined more than $1.2 million after explosion kills two workers

OSHA issued 54 citations* with penalties totaling $1,232,500 to gun powder substitute manufacturer Black Mag LLC following a deadly May explosion that took the lives of two workers at the company's Colebrook, N.H., worksite.

The workers, who had been on the job for only a month, were being required to hand feed explosive powder into operating equipment because the employer failed to implement essential protective controls. The multiple explosions that occurred when the powder detonated killed both men and blew out the walls and roof of the worksite. Four months earlier another worker had suffered serious burns from a flash fire at the facility.

"Even with a prior incident in which a worker was seriously injured, and multiple warnings from its business partners and a former employee, this employer still decided against implementing safety measures," said OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels. "Unfortunately, we see this kind of disregard time and time again across industry. All employers must plan for and prevent workplace injuries so these types of avoidable tragedies don't happen, and workers can return home safely at the end of the day."

OSHA inspectors found that the employer had shown willful indifference to protecting the safety and lives of his workers by failing to train those involved in the manufacture of the gun powder substitute, failing to locate operators at safe locations while equipment was operating and failing to separate workstations by distance or barriers. The employer also failed to provide fire resistant clothing, face shields and gloves; to safely store gun powder; and to identify explosion hazards in the company's operating procedures. See the news release for more examples of Black Mag's numerous safety and health violations.

So, OSHA found willful indifference in the violations and say that is common across industry. Well, they will have to pay for it now but that won't do anything to bring the dead workers back. I would not be surprised if they end up out of business after OSHA and the victims families get done with them.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Active Shooter. NOT!

Yesterday afternoon the campus alert system sent out notice of a man with a gun spotted at Rudder Tower in the center of campus and for everyone to shelter in place.

A bus driver had spotted a man walking into the building carrying an AK-47 and called it in to dispatch.

Plusses, the campus alert system "Code Maroon" worked well. The notice went out quickly to let students know something was up. The UPD and CSPD both responded along with the CSPD SWAT team. Searches were carried out while witnesses were interviewed. The suspect was identified and police went to his home to investigate. Turns out he had a plastic replica AK that he had carried through campus to his parking area in west campus then home. Nothing illegal but certainly really dumb given the current climate and VERY recent shooting on the UT campus and Sam Houston State campus.


Had this been an actual active shooter, by the time law enforcement arrived, there would have been multiple casualties. Granted, the number of CHL's on campus is small and even a small percentage of those would actually carry, but why are we denied the fundamental right of self defense because we have crossed some mystical line int he sand that is arbitrarily called "Campus?

If you don't already, support Students For Concealed Carry on Campus. Last legislative session here in Texas the bill to allow carry on campus was held up by petty Dems not letting anything move so they could stop Voter ID. WE can't let that happen this year. First off to get voter ID through and second to get CCoC passed. The lie being spread right now is that legislators do not want to take the decision out of individual school administrators hands and make this state law. Since the places weapons prohibited says if you have specific permission of the school you can carry. Problem is no school (college) will give permission for CHL's to carry as the administration sees it as too much of a risk. Blood in the streets, shooting over parking spaces and shootings over low grades and all that hysterical BS! Same nonfactual emotional BS that the anti rights crowd pull out every time CHL is proposed anywhere. Same Shit that has been proven factually wrong over and over again over time after the laws are passed.

It is time for this to stop!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How LOW?

How low can some people stoop?

SAN ANTONIO -- A crook broke into Soldiers' Angels last Sunday, stealing half a dozen flat screen tvs and laptops carrying valuable memorabilia.

"Certificates, awards, letters, inspirational letters," says the group's co-founder, Jeff Bader. "All of these were in the display modules and it feels like the loss of a loved one. Feels like we were violated."

The thief also vandalized the charity's exhibit room with flame retardant foam, right by the Fallen Heroes memorial.

"It was totally disrespectful," adds Bader. "It's unimaginable that someone would come into a place, a non-profit, and steal from a non-profit trying to help American soldiers."

Surveillance video from businesses next door led police to the arrest of 42 year old Charles Edward White. White is now charged with burglary of a building, but News 4 WOAI found this isn't his first time behind bars.

White has been in and out of jail since the late eighties for assault, kidnapping, drugs, and burglary.

Police haven't been able to recover the stolen items. Replacing the goods could cost Soldiers' Angels thousands of dollars... money that may have to come out of what they give to soldiers.

"This is going to cost money that could have gone to help wounded soldiers, deployed soldiers," says Bader. "It could have been used for better purposes than that, so we're going to need help replacing some of these items."

To help, you can call Soldiers' Angels at (210) 629-0020.
To break into a charities office and not only steal stuff but then to vandalize what you don't take?

So, go NOW to Soldiers Angels and donate. Doesn't matter how much but at least give something to help them get their facilities back together. They do an important job that needs to be done and this is the treatment they get. Make sure they know that there are more good people in the world behind them then there are bad people in the world stealing from them.

H/T From my position, on the way

UPDATE: Turns out this actually happened a couple weeks ago. Why the HELL hasn't this gotten more coverage in the press? (OK that's rhetorical) But why hasn't this been spread far and wide by now? If a Red Cross or Salvation Army office was broken into and vandalized you bet the word would be spread about how despicable of an act it was and calls for donations so why not now for SA's?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monster Hunter SQEEEEEE

Well, we got our autographed copies of Monster Hunter Vendetta in. I had already gotten my copy from Amazon and was trying to read it while I was sick but just couldn't keep my head in the game more than a paragraph at a time. So I just set it aside. I finally managed to finish it today and am pretty sure that I am going to have to go back and re read it to get everything. Not like that is an issue as I've read MHI at least a dozen times.

So, now that makes a collection of an original self published version with very personalized autograph. That was after having dinner with Larry and his kids. I have to say he has a great family and his kids are very well behaved.

Anyway, in addition to the self published copy, there are three copies of the BAEN published MHI with one being personalized with the warning that the book belongs to us and better be returned. Now we have two autographed copies of MHV to add to the collection.

So, if you haven't already gone out and bought one, GO ORDER MHV NOW!

I mean, who doesn't love gangsta Gnomes?

Beretta NEOS Recall

Beretta U.S.A. Corp. has discovered a potential condition with Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols in which the pistol will fire even if the safety is activated and, in some cases, the pistols may fire if the safety is moved from the OFF to the ON position. Chances of either of these situations occurring is extremely remote and no injuries have occurred because of this condition, however, because of safety concerns relating to this situation, Beretta U.S.A. Corp. is immediately implementing a recall of Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols.

You can get more from Beretta Directly here.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sick SUX!

Well, I've been down for three days. I should have known things were bad when my cat wouldn't leave me alone all night. He stayed curled up next to me all night long.
Anyway, not sleeping because my head was full and I couldn't breath was a hell of a way to spend a few days. I had my fresh copy of Monster Hunter Vendetta and couldn't focus long enough to read it. Finally have gotten my head to drain but now that makes for a sore throat and not so happy stomach.

To top it all off, Yesterday was the anniversary of the happiest day of my life, misbeHaven said "I Do." What should have been a happy day for us to be together turned into her taking care of me and getting me a bowl of PHO that I really didn't even taste or enjoy. Unfortunately, that's about how our anniversaries have been. At my last job, I spent more anniversaries and birthdays with my boss than I did with my wife. I finally got away from that job and into my current job where we are actually able to be together and this happens.

3652 Days...

... since TXGunGeek and I tied the knot. Actually 3653... our anniversary was yesterday, but I was too busy to post and TXGunGeek is sick. We said "for better or worse"... we've had some of both. Sickness and health, too. Gave up (relatively) richer for (relatively) poorer and found happier in the process. Life isn't perfect, but it's good.

I love you, honey.

Now get well! We have to get started on the next 10 years.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Navy Bombs Guam With Dead Mice

The solution was to drop the mice into the snakes’ natural habitat, the branches of trees in the jungles of Guam. By outfitting the mice with cardboard wings and green party streams, the bait could float down to the jungle and catch on the branches. The result is a hanging, deadly snack for the snakes.

You just have to go read the article to get the full effect. However, the visual from that one paragraph made my day. The Navy is dropping dead mice that have been stuffed with Acetaminophen into the jungle so snakes will eat them and die.
Commando Mice Brigade to the rescue!

UPDATE: Go over to We The Armed to read the real behind the tail tale of what really happened in this raid. Moose42 outdoes himself!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Wrong it Hurts

As is normal after a mass shooting, there are articles up from every news mouth that can get camera time. Something connected in any esoteric way.

One such article was done by KVUE reporter Jennie Huerta.

There is just so much wrong here. Other than the sensationalism that "The Gunman was carrying an AK-47"

We'll start here;
The AK-47 has a distinct look, with a curved magazine and a fixed metal stock. The AK-47 is a semi-automatic rifle, meaning that the user must pull the trigger for each shot. It does not spray bullets continuously with one trigger pull, unlike a fully automatic weapon. The AK-47 can fire up to 600 rounds per minute.

Um, the AK-47 is actually a fully automatic capable select fire long arm. Bonus points for stating that this one does not fire fully automatically but then saying it fires 600 rounds a minute is just wrong?

Another wonderful one;
The name stands for “Assault Kalashnikov,” and the year it was introduced, 1947.
BZZZZZZT, try again, it stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 because it is an Automatic weapon accepted for use by the Russian military in 1947 that was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

So now let's throw out another one;
The AK-47’s $600 price tag makes it one of the most popular assault rifles in the world. It is manufactured in at least 24 countries outside where it originated, Russia. It is officially used by nearly 70 military forces in the world. The United States Armed Forces do not officially use the AK-47. It is readily available in Texas.
$600 dollars for an AK clone? Really? As for the mishmash of factoids there, the US military doesn't use it but it is readily available in Texas. The Springfield XD is not officially used by the US military but it is readily available in Texas. As are SKS's, Mosin Nagants, Tarus Revolvers and semi autos, and a host of other firearms. This is just a bunch of hooey.

Basically, the entire staff of KVUE was evidently tasked with writing something no matter how inane about this incident for publication today. Most of it not worthy of your time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Unpossible

It seems there was a shooting this morning on the University of Texas at Austin campus. That is UNPOSSIBLE, everyone knows that it is illegal to carry a firearm on campus much less into a university building. So, obviously someone in the news got it wrong because this could not have happened. I mean, there is a law against it already so we need to make more laws against it since it couldn't happen. We need to further restrict the rights of law abiding citizens to protect them form people who ignore the law.

Support Campus Carry Reform!

UPDATE: Word is the shooter is a 19yo Sophomore math major. APD identified gun as AK47. I doubt it. More likely an AK clone but if it is even an actual semi auto AK Clone. I'll give it to them. I wouldn't be surprised for it to be a Marlin .22. Kid lived at home with parents and they have sealed off the culdesac where the house is. Cops carrying bags of "evidence" out of the house.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome World

Not really sure what happened but in the last two days I have gotten hits from;

Madras India
Oslo Norway
Brandon Canada
Austin Texas
Sapporo Japan
Manila Philippines
New Delhi India
Doorn Netherlands
Koganei Japan
Jamahiriya Libya
Hyderabad India
Ottawa Canada
AOL in the United Kingdom
Denpasar Indonesia
Alcorcn Spain
Moncton Canada
Mississauga Canada
Brooklyn New York

Welcome one and all to my humble little corner of the internet. Please stick around a while and read some of my old stuff. I have been a bit sporadic as of late but on rare occasions I actually write something worth reading if I do say so myself. Please do feel free to comment. I would like a little feedback as to whether you do or do not like or agree with my ramblings. Only way for me to get better is to hear what others think about it and listen to others opinions.

And most of all THANK YOU for stopping by and sharing a little bit of your time with me.

That's Unpossible!

So int he news this morning there are a couple stories about shootings at parties.

First, from New Jersey we have a report about a party goer who was asked to leave when he wouldn't pay the cover charge. He returned with a gun and started shooting. Not sure how this can happen as NJ is a Brady paradise that required police permission to own or carry a gun and the state has much discretion about who has a need for that permission.

Second, from California, LA actually, is a report that 10 people where shot at a birthday party. Again, isn't CA one of those Brady paradises that requires state permission and is rather selective about who it lets own and carry guns? This must have been some fancy party full of really politically connected folks since the report states that "several people pulled out knives and guns" when the fight erupted.

I just can't see how either of these shootings are possible since both of these states are held up as the ideals of "reasonable" gun control laws. It must be all those cheap and easily available assault weapons sold by private gun dealers without background checks at gun shows along the US - Mexico border.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Those who were murdered or those who did it.
Never rest, never give up the fight till the enemy is defeated.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Did you know, you can walk into the local Case/IH dealer and get factory off the shelf parts for a 1947 FarmAll Model H?

I'll have to dig out some pictures or just hop my happy little butt outside with the camera and take a couple fresh ones.

This is our daily driver as it were. We use the tractor as our main worker around Casa deGeek.

I had been running it pretty hard lately. Had a friend buy rural property that does not have a tractor of his own at this time so I went out and shredded his pasture then came back home and continued the shredding around here. Two weeks ago, while shredding the west pasture (weed control) the tractor started missing something awful. Over the last week I dug into the engine to discover that one of the intake valve spring retainers had let go and dropped a valve so that cylinder was firing back into the intake manifold. Called the dealer and talked to the guys at the parts counter and they had the right stuff ordered for me in a matter of minutes. Two days later (yesterday) the parts were in. It took me till today (insane work schedule) to get by and pick up the parts. Worked late and finally got home to install the parts. misbeHaven even came out and helped work on the tractor. Got the new retainer and locks installed and rocker arms and shaft along with various other parts and cranked the engine. It lived and breathed. We are back in business.

Which is good, we came home to three cows and two calves the other day. We have 7 cows and 4 calves! They had bulldozed through the fence line to the north that leads to the hay pasture of our neighbor. We got them back in and closed off the cross fence to the north pasture so they couldn't get to that area. I called our neighbor and let him know what happened and that we would be working on it this weekend. Came home today to find that he had gotten out of work during the day and fixed the hole. Problem is, our plan to fix the problem is the tear the entire fence line out and clear the area and put up a new fence from scratch. Telephone poles for corner poles and wood posts every 100 feet with T posts in between. 6 strands of barbed wire 9" apart. Basically what we have been using around the property as we have replaced fence. So. in between work we are clearing and fencing. Chimera even came out for the weekend to help. Just have to see if we get called into work tomorrow to setup another test for running before our next regularly scheduled customer gets in Monday. (Remember that insane work schedule I mentioned earlier?)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Entitlement Generation

I guess I am just getting old and crotchety.

StarFire Satellite (sat internet resellers) has been running a radio ad that features a whiny teenage sounding female.
Are you listening to me? I said, I want high speed internet, I NEED high speed internet, I DESERVE high speed internet and I need it NOW!

What's wrong with this picture? OK so there is no picture really it is radio. However, the whole entitlement generation that feels they deserve something just for their ability to process air into highly carbon dioxided air just bugs me. Every time the commercial comes on it makes me glad I don't have internet by satellite.


Our heifer gave birth to her first calf (and ours) sometime in the past 24 hours. Bull calf. Full-term. Beautiful black & white patterned hide. Also dead.

Not sure how or why. The cow is fine; doesn't look to have suffered any physical trauma, and she completed the birth, so I don't think it was a malpresentation. We didn't find the placenta/umbilical cord, but the cow doesn't look like she was nursed, either, so we don't know if the calf was born dead or died shortly after.

This sucks.

Edited to add: What I meant to say when I started this post is that sorrow is watching a mother who won't come and eat because she's too busy standing guard over the body of her dead offspring. Species is irrelevant.

Letter to the Editor

So, I zipped off a letter to the opinion desk of the student newspaper here at Texas A&M University. The Battalion. I dare them to publish it. If they do, I am expecting a flood of hate mail.

BACKGROUND, HS Senior is pledged to come to A&M and on a scholarship to play roundball. Post sr prom, he is intoxicated and decides to get behind the wheel and drive home or where ever. On the way, he loses control and kills a critical care nurse on her way to work as well as kills himself. Big fuss made over him and his family and the fact that he was pledged to come here and be a promising basketball star. Fundraisers held for his family, talk of a scholarship in his name, etc.

A&M also has a tradition called Silver Taps where fallen Aggies are remembered. Now, since he was not an Aggie yet, he is not included in the ceremony. There was an opinion piece in the paper that he should be included to show how much the Aggie community cares and that he really was a part of it.

Add to that, The Aggie Code of Honor, "An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do. " Since there is nothing in there about underage drinking, DWI, Vehicular Homicide or Intoxication Manslaughter, I guess those things don't matter.

UPDATED EDIT: So, looking back over news articles from the original crash, it happened at 06:15 and he had been at an all night post prom party at Dave & Busters that was school sponsored. No mention of Alcohol but speculation he might have fallen asleep. I'll have to keep digging for the article I read where the idea was floated about alcohol involvement. Still, he was impaired and still there was no fundraiser or big memorial service for the woman he killed. She got a line in the articles I've found so far. "The driver of the Jeep, a 50 year old woman, was dead at the scene."

UPDATED PARTIAL RETRACTION: So, now I found a later article that flat out said, no drugs or alcohol are believed to have been involved in the accident.

Well, that takes out the DWI thing but still, the speculation that he fell asleep. Ya Think? after being up all night at a party after the prom that is a likely event. However, none of that changes the fact that all the attention is on him dieing and not the fact that he killed someone else doing it. All the attention and outpouring of emotion has been over his loss. I understand it is a loss for someone so young to die but for what has me all worked up and always has since this first happens remains, where is the outpouring of emotion for the woman he killed?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Quote of the Day

Ambulance Driver in comments at MArooned:
I think I'd be better off if my rig had twin Ma Deuces and a snowplow bumper instead of lights and siren.
I concur... and I don't even drive an ambulance.

While misbeHaven doesn't drive an Ambulance, she did drive a Fire Truck. We got toned out to a grass fire in our end of district and by the time we got to the South Station, we had not heard a peep out of anyone else on the radio. She geared up and launched in the brush truck and I loaded the Engine to follow to give us another 500 Gallons of water on hand. As I started catching up to her on the FM road through the center of our district, I could see her up ahead, lights and siren going, with an SUV in front of her going well below the speed limit with its left turn signal on. Wisely she did not attempt to pass. A couple miles down the road, the SUV finally turned left into their driveway!!!! I could see the steam coming out of the brush truck as she was fuming over this idiot. The fact I was able to catch the brush truck in the engine was a testament to how slow she was having to go behind this goober. Unfortunately, in our county, the Sheriff is more interested in harassing VFD's for following too close than he is in writing up potential voters for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. I will say misbeHaven wouldn't have gotten a ticket anyway as she was giving said goober plenty of room to do something stooooopid to prove how inbred they were.

Sometimes there are no words

I always knew Shithook drivers were a bit odd but this guy takes the cake.

It is never a good thing to be looking DOWN at the rotating blades of a helicopter but when you have to get out and the pilot is just that good, things like this happen. I'm just really glad someone had a camera on the helmet to capture it.

HT to BLACKFIVE for this gem.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Over?

Travis County Texas leads the nation in deporting non violent criminals who are also illegal aliens.

That's all fine and good but immigration rights activists have their panties in a wad over this and are complaining.

Some advocacy groups are upset, however, because non-criminal illegal immigrants without a violent background are also identified under the program and being sent back to their home countries.
This brings up an interesting phrase, non-criminal illegal aliens. So they define just what that is.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, non-criminals are people who failed to show up for deportation hearings, who recently crossed the border illegally, or who have returned to the country after deportation.
So, what they are saying is that people who break the law repeatedly, fail to respect the authority of the court hearing their case of them breaking that law and or return illegally after being deported for having come here illegally are non-criminals?

So breaking the law repeatedly does not make them a criminal? What the hell is wrong with the justice system and these bleeding hearts that refuse to accept that breaking and or ignoring the law makes them criminals no matter how hard they want to deny it?

Someone is/was wrong on the internet!

SO, in a compilation of advice given on various gun boards, at gun stores, ranges and stuff I hear at class, I decided to collect my favorites and put them together in a post. This started with my prior rantings about teaching women to shoot and what's the right first gun for a woman.

So, let's wade in shall we?

There is no better home defense gun than the shotgun. You don't have to aim, just point and they don't jam and just racking the slide will cause the bad actor to poop or pass out or leave or something.

Where to start? It is obvious this person has never really shot a shotgun in a stressful environment or confronted a motivated attacker with one or even patterned one for real or tried to make plausible defensive shots with one in training. They most certainly do jam if not operated properly. The point, not aim thing is just stupid and I won't even bother with the ancient racking the pump garbage.
Yes, the shotgun is a decent choice for the ensconced defender. Take a protected position behind cover and be ready to shoot anything that invades your safe space. Gotta make sure the bad actor knows that is what is going to happen and you have to have everyone you care about behind you by that point. Ever tried moving through a house with one to get to another room to get to a child or other person? Not so easy, especially if you have to open a door or move anything out of the way to get there or use a flashlight to see along the way.

The classic, get a revolver because they don't jam and you just point and click. Especially if you can't work the slide on a semi auto.

I already covered this one but the high point is, if someone doesn't have the strength to operate the slide on a semiauto once, what makes you think they have the strength to do repeated 12 pound curls with one finger smoothly enough to operate a DA revolver?
A corollary to this is, if the person cannot (supposedly) operate the slide on a semiauto due to grip strength, what makes you think they can hang onto a snub revolver or even better an Airweight snub?
Technique is more important than brute strength in working the action of a semiauto.

One of my favorites along this line;
The new Ruger LCR 38 revolver. The most user friendly and finest carry firearm ever made for a novice woman shooter............period.

WOW, the stoopid, it burns. As has been discussed here and elsewhere, to make a blanket statement about all women like that and to base it on this particular choice of platform is just beyond me.

A gunstore favorite is, you need this here little gun to fit your tiny hands line.

Well, there are a few very high quality tiny handguns. The smaller the gun is, the more felt recoil is going to be transferred to the shooter. The smaller it is, the shorter the sight radius is so the harder to aim. Likewise, most of the smaller guns also sacrifice sight quality along with sight radius. Smaller guns usually mean smaller calibers. Smaller calibers mean less power / penetration / damage. I know you can get subcompact Glock in .40 but, REALLY?, you want to refute more recoil, less sights and do that with a .40S&W sub compact? REALLY?
Besides, if this is a persons first gun, learning to shoot well on a subcompact is just the flat out wrong way to go about it. Especially if it is chambered in a major caliber. Learning to deal with blink and flinch is hard enough, no need to exacerbate the issue like this.

Being old and crotchety I can relate to this one. If it doesn't start with a .4, it's crap or at least the .45 is God's caliber and shooting anything less is a waste.

Well, these folks have been listening to too many DI's from WWII. Get some real and updated information such as facts. Check out the IWBA, International Wound Ballistics Association, a group of forensics and pathologists that specifically look at real shooting by real people against real people with real guns on real streets and the real results of those real events. Not goat tests or gelatin or some other "stopping power" measurement. Or mythical one shot stop capabilities. Get real information about premium hollow points in pretty much any caliber over 9mm and what the IWBA and even the FBI Defensive Systems Unit Ballistic Research Facility FBI Academy. Shot placement is key to stopping a fight. A determined attacker can continue to fight for a long time with wounds that cause pain but do not interrupt the attackers ability to fight. Even if those wounds are eventually mortal wounds.

Shoot them with a .22 because if you shoot them a bunch of times fast with a .22 they'll stop the attack.

The corollary to this is the old; I carry Uber Mega ManStopper Frangible rounds designed to deliver shocking fight stopping terminal power to the bad guy that will instantly make him stop and or die.

Well, let's look at those, Not saying I'd want to be shot with a .22 but nothing aggravates an attacker like being shot with a .22 or .25. Saying I'd like to rip off for this is, "You shoot me with a .25 and I find out about it, I'm gonna be pissed." While the .22 has a statistical reputation as being the deadliest caliber, that has more to do with the commonality of small guns that can be hidden deeply and made cheaply than with any amount of actual performance of the round. However, dead is dead.

As for the super duper rounds, FIRST, I have first hand knowledge of a righteous CHL shoot in Houston where the CHL emptied his .38 snub loaded with super special but factory ammo made by someone nationally known and marketed into the bad guy through the open drivers window of his van all center mass hits. The bad guy turned, ran off and walked into court for his arraignment a couple days later when he was caught. Needless to say, the CHL now carries name brand normal JHP's instead of this super ammo.

So, what is your favorite "gun advice"?

In the beginning

There was the bbs, geeks dialed in and said, "Hey this is cool!"

The along came Al Gore and his invention, the Interwebs.
Soon the Interwebs became more like their inventor, Fat, Bloated and lazy.

And the chosen one sent us Saint Oleg who brought forth The High Road.
And Yea the Signal:Noise Ratio went up and gungeeks the world over rejoiced.

Originally this was going to be the start of a much larger post. That one is coming but I thought this really deserved its own place. Am I dating myself to say I used a 1200 baud modem hard wired into the phone line that was the same size as my computer to dial into the bbs's back in the day? Or that my first connection was a teletype terminal with rubber cups to place the phone handset into to call into a DEC10? Or that I was working for a Tandy Corp when the Trash-80 came out and already had a few years of programming under my belt by that time?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TxDOT has a bunch of Idiots

So, suppose you have a major intersection of N-S road and E-W road that currently has two left turn lanes for each direction of the N-S road and traffic is picking up in the area such that it is decided to build an overpass for the E-W road.

ON WHAT PLANET does it make sense to "improve" the intersection by making the new interchange with only one left turn lane for the N-S road? For some reason they thought there was a need for an exit ramp flyover to get from the Eastbound to Southbound but not the reverse flow of Northbound to Westbound. Nope, that is relegated to a single turn lane at the traffic light intersection under the bridge.

Now instead of waiting through two cycles of the light to turn left during rush hour, it takes sometimes four or five and with the single lane approach to the intersection, once traffic in the left turn lane backs up to where lanes divide, NO ONE gets to approach the intersection any more. So not only is the left turn slowed but traffic wanting to go straight now has to wait for left turn traffic to clear before even getting to the actual intersection.

Now, while I feel this way and am only one person, I have had multiple other people make comments about it without my even asking. So, if non civil engineers can figure this out, why can't the collection of Bozo's at TxDOT who supposedly have a degree in this stuff figure it out?

This post has been sitting in the edit column for a few days. I e-mails the engineer listed on the TxDOT website as lead for this project asking him what the poop. After three business days, his time to respond is up. So, this post goes on as written.

UPDATE: Got a response from TxDOT. Including a map of the finished project. Talk about a cluster. The reason there is only one turn lane is their interim phase design did not allow room for another turn lane that wouldn't interfere with the left turn lane from the other direction. (BTW, that direction had two turn left turn lanes too!) When all is said and done, northbound traffic will pass through two traffic lights and turn right at the second intersection and make a loop around up onto the overpass. Also, westbound traffic that wants to go north or south will have to exit and go down to the same intersection I first described and stop at the light and turn left or right. THis should be loads of fun.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Power Blogging

Not what you think.

misbeHaven and I worked late today and stopped and had something to eat in town before heading home. As we approached our turnoff, there were two local electric company service trucks at the intersection. I commented, "this doesn't look good." Well, we got home to find a very quiet household indeed. Except for the cat bitching about needing to be fed or some such.

Cranked up the ol generator and flip the transfer switch. That got power on to light the place and get ceiling fans going but it was 104.3 here at Casa de Geek today and was warming up quickly inside. Fortunately we have a plan. Since the generator is not big enough to power the central A/C unit, we have a window unit big enough to cool the master suite (bedroom and bathroom). So, off I go to drag that beast out and get it installed in the window. That took a bit of combined effort but it is installed and running so we have A/C in the bedroom and can at least sleep tonight if the outage continues. It has been out for at least 4.5 hours and there is no telling how long it will take to repair. Not sure what went anyway.

However, the minimal power is up and we are holed up in the bedroom with extra provisions and ammo. Just have to wait this one out.

Teaching Women to Shoot

This is a follow up to yesterday Range Day Win.

There is much discussion about what is the right gun for a new woman shooter and suggestions that it should be suggestions for the new shooter period. I'll agree with that to some extent. Physical differences and limitations come in all sexes, sizes, shapes and colors. So, picking the right gun for Xxxxx or Yyyyyy is pretty much the same. Depends on the use and the person who wants it. Finding the right gun that FITS them and fills the purpose they intend is always a personalized trek.

As far as the snubby issue goes that started this whole thing, it happens more than I would care to admit. In the last 18 years or so of teaching we have more often than not had a couple show up for class with the husband/boyfriend/dad sporting anything from a Glock 19 to a high dollar customized race gun and the wife/girlfriend/daughter toting a snubby or a PPK or some other compact/subcompact and or mouse gun. We quickly break the happy couple apart (More later) and get the woman to try out one of the variety of rental/loaner guns that we have on hand. Even going so far as one of us pulling our PDW off our hip and having them try it and if they fit, they shoot that gun for class. More often than not, the woman is outshooting the guy by the end of class. It's not bragging if you really can do it and it happens often enough to not be a fluke.

Where I am departing this discussion and breaking off into a new one is in teaching the new woman shooter.

First to expand on the "We quickly break the happy couple apart" part. No matter how good your relationship is, there are dynamics there that make teaching and learning more difficult because of what is under the surface when you start into the roles of student and teacher. If you let the two of them shoot next to each other, invariably one ends up spending more time trying to watch and or help the other than concentrating on their own performance and skills. Very common with the "helping" is more of a dominant/submissive role set that happens. I covered this in a post about Better Faster Syndrome.

The other component about teaching women is that men and women are different. Sorry rabid feminists, you ARE wrong. There is a difference between them and that comes through in how they learn, discover and grow. There is a different way to teach so that they learn better. Many guys could take a lesson from them and learn how to learn as well.

My person philosophy of teaching is that of guide and explorers. My job as teacher is to help the student learn and develop new skills and ideas and to help them grow as a person. If the instructor just says here do this and shows something and expects the student to grasp and understand and accept just because the instructor said so, I don't care what kind of credentials the instructor has, THEY SUCK. On the other hand, by showing a skill or sharing an idea, explaining why that idea is important and then helping the student to perform that skill or idea until they KNOW they can do it themselves, the teacher has successfully taught the student a new skill and the student has become better for it. The number of students who have grown and improved from their teaching and not just the number of people who have attended their class is the measure of a teachers performance. Part of building skills is building confidence. I am not into the whole "you'll harm their self esteem" crap that permeates today's society. If you don't know, understand or perform a skill then no one should lie to you and tell you good job and send you on. You may need remedial attention and may not be able to perform that skill after all. That is dangerous as the person now thinks that they can adequately perform some skill or technique that they cannot. Working with them to get them to where they really can perform the skill and building their confidence in the ability to perform that skill when they really can is where it is at.

OK Rant off, What say you?

New Link

Just added a link to drjim over at Every Blade of Grass.

As he describes himself "Just another cranky old fart who values independence, freedom, and liberty for all....."

Well, as one cranky old fart to another, Welcome aboard!

Give him a read and see what you think. Has some good information about preparedness and other stuff.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Range Day WIN!

Today was two classes, BP2 and DPS1. This mornings class made my month. There was one older couple that came out that had fallen for one of the great blunders. The most famouns being, "Never get involved in a land war in Asia." Bot only slightly less well know is this, "Never take the gun store guys advise as the final word when buying a gun."

Problem is the wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and has a distinct lack of strength in her fingers and hands. So, what did the gun store guy suggest they get her? A lightweight alloy snub nosed revolver with a 12 pound double action trigger pull! It didn't help that in prior training a year or so ago, the instructor took a semi-auto away from her and loaded it then handed it back and said here shoot his now. Her husband had been sold a Glock 19 and she was unable to work the slide on it. She was convinced she could not operate any semi auto. So, I took her aside and we went to shoot some steel on the small range with a 5" XD 9mm. After explaining slide mass and spring length and spring rate and how the larger gun was easier to operate all the way around and easier to shoot and working with her to develop a technique to actually work the slide, she was off shooting the XD. After a single mag, she was basically shooting the bolt holding the center of the steel plate and she was making shots in the time allowed for 3 yard shots on the Texas CHL test on the center of the steel plate at 12 yards! Even better was when she stopped, she was more than able to not just operate the slide to load the gun, she was able to lock the slide open. What made my day/week/month was when she locked the slide back and looked at me and said, "I feel so empowered!" That is why I teach right there. She had been told and taught that she couldn't properly operate a semi auto and she believed it. After class, she was more than able to hold her own with a semi auto and on her way to actually enjoying shooting a pistol. That just makes it all worth while despite the heat and tiringly long day.

UPDATE TO ADD: I forgot I had posted similar rant to this LONG ago.

UPDATED UPDATE: Welcome to readers of The Worlds Most Dangerous Librarian, Says Uncle and Snarky Bytes.

Please check back and read the FOLLOWUP POST that is coming shortly.

And now Michael Bane wades into the discussion.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks 9th Circuit

So, thanks to the 9th Circuit Court of oft overturned idiots, I can now announce my candidacy for president in 2012. That's right, TXGunGeek for Pres in 2012.

My qualifications :

State Senator for 15 years
State Governor for 12 years
US Senator for 32 years
Awarded the Medal of Freedom 6 times
US Representative for 2 years (I really hated that job)
And, I NEVER once voted "present"

So, as you can see, I am more than qualified to be president and quite frankly am more qualified than the bozo currently in office or any of the other likely candidates.

* Since it's protected speech to lie about military service and honors, it has to be protected speech to lie about other governmental service as well right?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Only One A$$hattery

So this weekend a local convenience store was robbed at gunpoint. The clerk drew his legally owned and carried firearm and protected himself. The local PD spokespiece had this to say,

"Even though a person has the right to defend, we don't want to encourage people to take matters into their own hands," Agnew said. "It's hard for us to say that when we're not standing in their position, but think about it like this: Every one of those rounds has to go somewhere, and when you take it in your own hands, you may risk hurting an innocent bystander."

Like a cops bullets magically hit the perp every time or stop instantly if they do not? This follows numerous armed robberies in the area including the clerk being murdered after "giving them what they want" and yet the PD has the gall to treat its subjects like this?

Fortunately commenters have taken the spokespiece to task as well as the department. As well, there are numerous comments from store clerks and owners about the slow response to armed robberies by the PD and the fact that they have banded together to alert one another when something happens and some don't even bother calling PD anymore since they don't do much.

So for some reason, the official stance of the Bryan Texas PD is that your God given right to self preservation and self protection is no longer valid in their city limits. You should leave that to "the professionals" because you are too incompetent and would likely hurt someone else.

Guess now a couple of our favorite restaurants are now off the table. Have to at least go one more time and let the owners know why we will no longer be coming into their town to eat. I take my life safety and that of my wife seriously and we will not hesitate to use lethal force to protect them if necessary. Bryan PD be damned.

The officer who said this may very well be a good officer and may himself personally feel that the right to self preservation is good but he is representing the official position of the Police Department and by extension the City of Bryan and that is unacceptable. If they do not respect the lives and rights of the people who live, work and recreate there, they they can do without our money and that of all those whose decision I can influence.

If you can't tell, this attitude by Bryan well and truly pisses me off. That they can have the lack of respect for my life and my judgment so much that they feel they are the only ones that can adequately protect the area and people just chaps my hide.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Range Day Fun

So, yesterday was Basic Pistol 1 and Defensive Pistol Skills 2. Basic Pistol went well, introduced a dozen new shooters to the fun that is shooting. If anything was reinforced it was trigger control trigger control trigger control, After classroom lecture we retired to the range and the plethora of guns for people to try out. Every student that I worked with was able to shoot right on the center of the target when they paid attention to the trigger and a smooth trigger pull. They would make the standard rookie path of the first shot being on target and then pulling shots as they anticipate recoil. Stopping the student, getting them to breath and relax and concentrate on a slow smooth trigger press and they shot the center of the target again. The nearest target we were letting them shoot was 10 yards and there were 8" steel plates at 25 yards and many of them were able to hit the long plates after just 5 rounds or so of getting used to the trigger and recoil. Overall, this was an outstanding class and just goes to show that it really isn't as hard as people like to make it. Pay attention to the important details and you can shoot pretty well right out of the box. This isn't to say anyone can compete at a national level competition but anyone can have the potential to be a great shooter.

DPS2, well, it was HOT HOT HOT! We tried to keep after students to hydrate every time the reloaded mags. Seems to have worked. Got to meet Jay and work with a pretty good group of shooters. We ran a variety of drills and split off shooters for a man on man shoot-off. Jay has a good description of the shoot-off. Overall, lots of good shooting and I have to say excellnt finger discipline. We did a number of advanced drills and there was a number of oportunities for muzzles to be pointed in bad directions and fingers to be on triggers at times that could have caused major safety issues. However, with the class of really good students we never had any issues and everyone did well. Good shooting to go with it as well.

At the end of the day, as we were talking guns as guys tend to do at the range, Jay commented that he had tried an M&P and has a Glock but had never tried a Springfield XD. So, we walked back out to the range and he ran a mag through mine. Besides, I had a mag full of range ammo that needed to be fired before I went home. I think it is Federal Law that you can't leave the range with unfired ammo. Although I can't cite the exact US Code but I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Made by Monkeys

I opened the July issue of Design News Magazine to read the Made by Monkeys column. readers send in letters about designs that were done by Monkeys in their opinion. Well, this months column had an article entitled, "Gunfight Lost - Due to Monkeys" about the design of the Ruger SR9c.

Cool to find this in an engineering rag.

That is all. At least until I finish beating on my truck after work. If it isn't raining. And I can get the parts.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life or somehting like it

Well, one pasture is shredded, the corral is improved but far from finished. Still have lots of fence to repair/replace (previous owners were liars when they told the county they were running cattle), truck is in pieces (no inner fender well, fan shroud, ECU/TCM, PS Pump, A/C Comp) and the long days at work continue. Turns out the Duramax doesn't have a traditional fanbelt driven water pump, it is driven off the crank and as such, you ave to pretty much disassemble the front of the engine to get to it. Oh and I have an allergy test coming up Thursday which means for the last week I have been unable to take pretty much any meds to clear my system before the test which translates to no meaningful sleep and a head full of snot.
Just whole lots of fun right now. The rest of the crew at work is also pretty much spent as the machinists and engineers have been working long shift longer than I have to get the model completed so we could do the testing we are doing right now and we're still having to make parts as we go and wait for some of them to be completed so we can continue testing.
Already can't wait for it to be over.

HOWEVER, we've got a few classes coming up in the next few weeks and you can bet I will be doing my damnedest to be out there for them as they are a form of relief from the work since it is something else completely and required total concentration to do things right. Just concentrations about something other than aircraft models and aerodynamic testing and scheduling people and fixing broken stuff and herding cats and chasing cows.

Eventually I'll get enough time to actually post more content about some of the stories that are setting me off right now but I really don't even think about them too long because there is too much else to do.

Like Westboro buttheads protesting at ComiCon and getting their collective ass handed to them by motivated overly smart people who don't take themselves too seriously.

Fed.Gov in court over Arizona laws. Glad to hear the judge sounds like she is not buying the .gov's argument.

Usual slime dog millionaire politicians getting caught with their pants down, or not and basically screwing society up.

on and on.