Monday, August 16, 2010

Only One A$$hattery

So this weekend a local convenience store was robbed at gunpoint. The clerk drew his legally owned and carried firearm and protected himself. The local PD spokespiece had this to say,

"Even though a person has the right to defend, we don't want to encourage people to take matters into their own hands," Agnew said. "It's hard for us to say that when we're not standing in their position, but think about it like this: Every one of those rounds has to go somewhere, and when you take it in your own hands, you may risk hurting an innocent bystander."

Like a cops bullets magically hit the perp every time or stop instantly if they do not? This follows numerous armed robberies in the area including the clerk being murdered after "giving them what they want" and yet the PD has the gall to treat its subjects like this?

Fortunately commenters have taken the spokespiece to task as well as the department. As well, there are numerous comments from store clerks and owners about the slow response to armed robberies by the PD and the fact that they have banded together to alert one another when something happens and some don't even bother calling PD anymore since they don't do much.

So for some reason, the official stance of the Bryan Texas PD is that your God given right to self preservation and self protection is no longer valid in their city limits. You should leave that to "the professionals" because you are too incompetent and would likely hurt someone else.

Guess now a couple of our favorite restaurants are now off the table. Have to at least go one more time and let the owners know why we will no longer be coming into their town to eat. I take my life safety and that of my wife seriously and we will not hesitate to use lethal force to protect them if necessary. Bryan PD be damned.

The officer who said this may very well be a good officer and may himself personally feel that the right to self preservation is good but he is representing the official position of the Police Department and by extension the City of Bryan and that is unacceptable. If they do not respect the lives and rights of the people who live, work and recreate there, they they can do without our money and that of all those whose decision I can influence.

If you can't tell, this attitude by Bryan well and truly pisses me off. That they can have the lack of respect for my life and my judgment so much that they feel they are the only ones that can adequately protect the area and people just chaps my hide.


  1. One more reason to avoid the place.

  2. TGG,

    That's when Ayaz said a Good Samaritan and loyal customer, known as Mr. Joe, came from his home across the street after hearing the shots.

    "He came over in his pajamas with his gun, just to make sure I was OK," Ayaz said. "That meant so much to me."

    Police arrived minutes later, he said.

    Notice that civilian back up arrived way before the police did.

    What really chaps is the spokespiece is ragging on the clerk for defending his life yet gives the violent thugs who threatened the clerk a pass.

    Not one word in the article about how violent thugs should be not using firearms.

  3. The neighbor reminds me of the scene in Tomb Raider when the butler gets dressed in his night robe, body armor and his pump shotgun to investigate what is happening downstairs.

    Nice to have neighbors like that though.

    As for the PD response, the comments from other store owners that some of them no longer even call the PD to report it due to lack of response is pretty telling.

    Add to all this that there have been numerous robberies where the clerk did what the PD says and cooperated and yet was still assaulted and or killed. Just in this immediate area even and yet they still spout the same tired old BS about not taking the law into your own hands, you are not worthy or capable or some such nonsense.

  4. TGG,

    spout the same tired old BS about not taking the law into your own hands

    And that line is one of my major pet peeves because the law includes the right to defend your person and property.

    Walking into someone's house to shoot them before they rob the place is taking the law into your own hands.

    Defending yourself from punks sticking guns in your face -- legal. People who are supposed to enforce the law should know better.