Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quote of the Century - Greg Hamilton

I have met and trained with Greg and John and the rest of the crew at InSights. Good Guys All! In this case, Greg hits one not just out of the park but out of the county.

Ok facebook friends we have to get some shit straight.

If you are an atheist then the Koran is fiction, if you are Christian it's either fiction or worse, the work or Satan, if Jewish well I don't know, you probably think something like the Christian, and if Muslim, ....oh yeah I don't have Muslim friends.... Well whatever you believe, unless you are Muslim the koran is NOT holy or sacred, it is a FALSE book, about a FALSE religion, by a FALSE prophet of a FALSE god. Everybody have that straight?

We publicly fund shit like "Piss Christ" and the same Americans who protest to protect it are mad about a fucking Koran?

Today should officially be "go buy a Koran, put it on the barbecue, and cook some fucking pork chops and bacon with it" day.

It's called a fucking war, if you don't like it feel free to castrate yourself and all the males in your genetic line, convert to Islam, and let the savages breed with your women.

Oh, one more thing, unless you are a follower of Islam quit calling that boy-buggering pedophile Mohammad a damn prophet! Wether you are atheist, Christian or Jewish he CAN'T be a prophet. He is either a wack-job like L.Ron who made some shit up or he is the minion of the Devil.

Rant not even close to being off.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Todays Special Guest & Random Aircraft Sighting

Today's visitor would be the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Much hoopla for his arrival for something on campus. Not really sure what but interesting arrival none the less.

Something I found interesting was after his formal arrival and reception, while the vehicles were already loaded and waiting for him, he took the time out to get out and greet each of the Ross Volunteers Honor Guard that greeted him. That right there is a sure sign of class and distinction in my book.
And his ride would be a .MIL version of the Gulfstream G5.

Book Bomb Callout (Bracken Sends)

Matt Bracken (Author of the Enemies series of books) is going to release the first book "Enemies Foreign and Domestic on the Amazon for Kindle FREE section in seven days or so. He is wanting to get a movement going to spike the downloads of this book. So, for the half dozen regulars who read this, stop by and keep up with Matt and when it happens, download the book. After all, first it is a good read, second it's FREE. Read it then see if you want to maybe support the author by actually buying the books. I highly recommend them.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Idiot Gun Owner of the Day

The BMW driver who brought their car in for service last.

My boss just got back to the tunnel after taking his car in for service and informed me that evidently loaner cars from BMW now come with a free gun. He got in the loaner assigned to him and opened the center console to put stuff away and there was a loaded revolver sitting there. He went back inside to tell the service counter folks and their reaction was, "Oh Mrs. Soandso must have forgot her gun." Now first it is interesting that there was no panic and the staff handled it without freaking out. Second, that they knew who it was that left the gun in the loner car is a bit scary to me.

Second honorable mention to this was one of the lead stories on the news this morning was that a moron filling his car up with gas at a local station was, "rearranging items in his back seat when a gun there went off striking him in the leg." The police spokeslady said it was unknown if the gun was legal or the legal status of the owner if he was allowed to have one. Boy did that get my blood pressure up to start the day. It wasn't until later in the story that more details or actually the lack of details came out. She also stated that the owner was unaware that the gun was in a condition to go off when he was rearranging things. He evidently drove himself or had a friend drive him to the ER where police were called. Now, that last bit calls everything into question about this story. Was he really at the gas station and the gun loose in the back seat or was he involved in something nefarious when he got hisself shot? That makes the legality of the persons possession of a firearm more of a question. However, they didn't know if the gun was legal? What, did it cross the border in search of work in El Norte?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh what a wicked web.........

So, the Iola TX VFD has some financial issues with some of their leadership. Nothing new there. I know. Now, the folks who called in the county to investigate have been booted from their positions in the department and the husband of one of the three charged and brother in law of the old chief who was charged and is a convicted cattle thief himself, has been elected to be the new asst chief of the department? WTF?! I know who is not getting a donation from us. Thank goodness there are neighboring departments who are all too willing to come in and help when there are fires because I certainly do not trust the department leadership with my safety or money. Unfortunately, I can't stop the ESD money that the county collects from going to them. I will have to have a chat with the board members of the ESD Board and see if they are at least trustworthy as they once were or if they are part of the in crowd doing these financial misdeeds.

Friday, February 3, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Every well-bred petty crook knows that the small, concealable guns go on the far left of the place setting. ;-)