Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moronic Parents and their clueless children

Sorry but this is just stupid. A father gives his 17YO daughter a gun "for protection" with no training and tells her to carry it. Breaking several laws as well as being stupid. She drops her purse at Starbucks and the gun goes off. Probably had something in the purse that landed on the hammer when it hit the floor. At least I hope so, if it was because she was carrying it cocked then she and dad really need to get their collective asses handed to them. What kind of idiocy is this? pro or anti rights doesn't matter in this case because what they did was just wrong and stupid.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AERO Nerd-vana

So I went on a little jaunt today to San Antonio Propeller. Had to drop off three sets of B-29 blades along with the hub and bearings and such that we use to make wind here at the tunnel.
Well boy do they have quite the assortment of kewl props there. All shapes and sizes were to be had in various states of repair.
The correct terminology for the prop blades above is OOPS! Really, they are not supposed to bend that way. The names have been blurred out to protect the guilty.
I probably could have spent a few hours there poking around in their piles of stuff but I wanted to get back home for the night and get the truck turned in.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

From the Horrible, comes good

So, with the recent passing of my Mom, I have gotten motivated to continue a long overdue process. Years ago when my Dad passed away, I collected his Military records and other printed heirlooms and started scanning them. With the intended goal of getting everything scanned and DVD's made for all the kids in the family to share.This would be Dad being presented with his First Distinguished Flying Cross.

Anyway, the passing of Mom has motivated me to get back on track. After researching around I ordered a CanonScan 9000F and a couple software packages. You see, I also have boxes and boxes of slides from before Mom and Dad got married through his AF career to all the trailer trips we took as a family while I was growing up. Let's just say there are thousands of slides that need cleaning, scanning and then digital cleaning up. We shall see how this all works out. I may even share publicly some of the better scans. Like when I first discovered toilets that didn't have to be flushed.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rare Occasion Indeed

It is a rare occasion when we can all get together anymore. It's sad that it only happens when bad things occur.