Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hard Magic ROCKS

Larry Corriea has released his latest book. The Grimnoir Chronicle: Hard Magic. An alternate history tale in which magic is real and some people know how to use it. Great action sequences and even a Love? story intertwined.
Go, read like NOW.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

ATF Shotgun Ruling!

The new regs are here, the new regs are here.

Actually just a study. Reading and more digging indicates that this is not a ruling but is a study that will inevitably result in a ruling to ban more shotguns that are regularly used in sporting events like IPSC. Although the study gives lip service to IPSC and 3-gun, they quickly point out that there is no real advantage to having a magazine fed shotgun. Tell that to all the 3-gunners using Saiga's!!! They also listed all the usual cosmetic EBIL FETURES!! OH TEH HORRERS OF THESE! Bayonet lugs, pistol grip, extra lights, enhanced sights, removable magazines or the ability to hold more than 5 rounds, flash hider, etc! They also added dimensions of "bulk" to the list and weight.

Hold on for the coming ride it's going to get bumpy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Overheard in the truck

For a little background, I had a very bad day at work, and TXGunGeek had previously been trying to cheer me up by singing Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". So I had it in my head.

Then, we were doing the nightly wildlife count on the way home, and this conversation occurred:

TXGG: That makes 14 deer and 1 armadillo.

Me: That would make a good title for a show toon.

TXGG: *singing in something like a metal beat*
Four-teen deer and on-ne ar-ma-di-illo,
Na-na na-na na-na na-na Na na. Na. Na. Na!

Me: Not exactly a show toon.

TXGG: Depends on the show.

Intel Inside!

Presented for your enjoyment!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Todays Lunch Plane

I give you the C-23 Sherpa. Think box with two engines and a wing. Good for dropping parachute cargo or people. Not many of these birds flying around and certainly not that many make it in here. Kinda cool to see it live.

ATF Rulings

Well, we are still waiting for the fabled shotgun ruling from ATF. So far today they released their ruling from November clarifying residency. Still waiting to hear their take on imported shotguns.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foxy Lady

Well, that sounds better than Foxy Laddie!
Todays visitor is a little fox that was walking along the fence line of the west pasture this morning. I looked out the window on my way to the kitchen for a snack and saw the slightest hint of movement. By the time I got the camera out and got outside it was out at the gate and was on it's way of into the pasture.

Oh Deer

Over the past two weeks we have seen deer on the drive home each day. The least was 8 one day but we have been in the teens every other day with 17 being the most. Thursday we saw 13 that ended with three in our south pasture along with a 200-250 pound boar hog that wouldn't wait around long enough for me to get out of the truck and take his picture. Must be camera shy. yesterday was also 13 with a Blue Heron standing in the water of one of the creaks flowing after last weeks rains.

How the heck do they know hunting season is over?


Friday, January 14, 2011

Overheard in the truck

Radio Announcer: "...speed limit will be lowered on OSR from 70 to 60 mph... after a traffic study showed that most people drive 60 mph..."

Me: "Because we can't possibly be allowed to regulate ourselves..."

TXGunGeek: "No way. That would be taking the law into our own hands!"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's with the twins?

So, Tuesday it was ShitHooks, today it was CH-46 SeaKnights. Not sure why we are getting a series of twin rotor helo's. Not sure why.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Todays Lunch Visitors

So here are today's visitors. Couple of shithooks came in for lunch just now. I posted previously about just how crazy and dedicated some of these folks are. It never ceases to amaze me as to just how tight of a space these guys and gals can manage to get one of these lumbering beasts. I can only come up with two other examples of rotorcraft that you feel more than hear more than these guys. That would be the PaveLow and the Osprey.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Aircraft Sighting

This would be a 1947 Republic RC-3 SeeBee. What it is doing in College Station Texas is a mystery to me. Not only for the fact that we don't get amphibians around here very often and the fact that this little guy is registered out of San Fransisco CA.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Seeing how people have been sharing pictures of their cats, I figured I do the same. (can you cay lack of material/motivation) ENJOY.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Gun Free Zone School Shooting

Story here.

Initial report is that principal is dead another injured and the shooter is either dead or critical. The shooter was found in a car somewhere outside of the school. So, he had time to do his shooting and then leave unchallenged to kill himself.

The shocker is, also initial report is the shooter is the son of a police detective. This could get interesting. My prayers go out to the injured and to the family of the dead principal.

If it turns out the shooter used one of his detective fathers guns, he may as well kiss his career goodbye.

So later articles say both victims are alive and only shooter is dead after he drove off.

What I find telling is this quote,

The school was locked down immediately following the shooting.

So they locked the school down AFTER the shooting. So what was their plan to protect the students DURING the shooting?

Well, the assistant principal has died, the principal is still alive and the shooter is still dead.
More info now that I am not hearing on most of the MSM broadcasts is that the shooting followed him being suspended for tearing up the schools football field with his car. This miscreants behavior just keeps getting better and better. Of course he blames all of his actions on the school. Please to reread that. HE blames all of HIS actions on the school. BZZZZT, Sorry bud, you had no respect for other peoples lives or property and acted on that complete and utter lack of respect.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Of Teachers, Tests and Rules

Yes they are related.
Teachers from Pre-K to Post-Grad mostly rely on tests that require the student to regurgitate their lecture and reading assignments for a passing grade. That is how we are conditioned that teaching is to be done. Unfortunately that gets ingrained and we get to the point where memorization of stuff is what is stressed as knowledge. There is a problem there.

My favorite memory from College was first day of Wave Optics. Prof walked in and said,
"Some of you will enjoy this class and some of you will hate it. I am going to teach you that 2+2=4, 2X2=4 and 4-2=2. When the test comes out I will ask you what 4/2 is. I will have given you all the tools you need to find the correct answer. But, I will not have given you the exact answer in my lecture. You will have to know how to apply what I have taught you to pass."

Gunnies have heard, the 3 NRA Rules, the 4 Coopers Rules, Joe's 28 Rules and maybe Steve's 2 Rules. They often get passed on as new shooters are introduced to shooting by a known gun owner. The problem is what is passed on is, "These are the Rules. Know them." Instead of, Here are the rules, what they mean and how they apply. Look at any batch of shooters at a public range. Chances are they have been told the rules before at some point in their life and the rules are probably posted somewhere at the range as well. Do they understand the rules and know how to apply them at the range and in everyday life? After watching them for a few minutes you will get the idea that maybe they do not really understand the rules. Never mind that half of them are not wearing any eye protection. Or even the stores range officer who is standing directly under the sign that says, "Eye and ear protection must be worn by everyone on the range."

One of the biggest problems we see with shooters showing up at our classes that have marked for their experience, "Long time gun owner and shooter but no formal training" is that they can recite the rules but have little understanding of what they really mean and how they apply.

The difference between an shooter and a person who owns a gun is how the act the 98% of the time they are not shooting.

Think about that for a moment please. It is easy to think about what direction your firearm is pointed when you are concentrating on hitting the bulls eye of a target. Most of the time, people manage to keep their booger hook of the bang switch when they are not trying to make that perfect shot. Likewise, if you are on the firing line trying to make that shot, your gun is likely to be loaded. You are even pretty sure about the backstop that is behind the target.

The problems start when you are no longer concentrating on that perfect shot. That is when goober 1 turns to goober 2 and says, "Hey, did you see that shot?" All the while pointing the gun at them with their finger on the trigger. Or, they have finished shooting and turn top say that and if questioned reply with, "It's OK, the gun ain't loaded." Many people are negligently killed with "not loaded" firearms each year. I lost a friend to two violations. First was the stupid, it ain't loaded and the second was safe direction for a deer rifle is not the wall or someone else's head.

A person may be able to recite "Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction" and have no idea what that means. Or, that it applies at all times. If you are attacked by a violent criminal and feel that your life or that of a loved one is in immediate danger, what is the safest direction to point your gun? If you are at the mall and there is a large crowd of people and an active shooter about, do you point your gun out into the crowd? Is that a safe direction? Inside an apartment, is the living room wall a safe direction? There is nothing between you and the wall so it must be safe right? Is the floor a safe direction? Is it concrete under the cheap smelly carpet? How about up? Think the upstairs neighbors would mind?

Finger off the trigger?!?!?! That is THE biggest habit we have to break with many newly trained shooters. Not the fresh new shooter who has come to the range for the first time to get professional training. They usually are so intent on learning everything they can and applying it, they pay close attention to safety while out on the range for the first time. Problem is the long time shooter with no formal training that thinks they are already safe and don't understand why we are harping on them about muzzle and finger.

How often have you seen someone eject a live round from their gun and immediately bend down to pick it up? With the gun still in their hand? Where did the muzzle go when they bent over?

How about malfunction or just reloading. How often have you seen people on the firing line turn the gun and their hand so they can get more leverage on the slide to rack it? Pointing the gun at the leg or torso of the person next to them. Even at an indoor range where there are dividers between shooting lanes. Just because you can't see the person next to you doesn't mean you can't shoot them or be shot by them. there I go with that safe direction thing again.

How about "cowboys" on the range? From ready to shooting position the muzzle points way up as they arc the gun out to full extension. Probably with their finger on the trigger. What happens if they let a round off while en-route to full extension? It's OK it's just a .22! You want to tell that to the parents of the 8 year old who was jumping on the trampoline they got for Christmas that you just killed a mile down the road? I don't.

Is that tree you have the target tacked to a safe backstop? Well, it may stop the rounds you are shooting at the target but what happens when you miss? Oh, you never miss so it is OK? What and or who is out beyond the tree? Do you even know?

What about home defense? The gunstore counter guy who tells you, "The ultimate is a shotgun loaded with birdshot. You can still use it to stop an intruder but it won't go through sheetrock into the next room." Think about that one for a moment please. IF it won't go through a sheet of sheetrock how is it supposed to penetrate into a human who is probably wearing clothes? Besides, at room distances, birdshot will most certainly go through both layers of sheetrock in a wall and still have enough energy to do damage. Been there. Shot the fake wall structures to test it. Have the shot to hell t-shirt from the mannequin on the other side.

Bottom line is this, Just being able to recite the rules isn't good enough. Not for the shooter and certainly not for the shooter that is bringing more folks into the fold. People need to understand what the rules actually mean and how to apply them all the time. Whether on the range, at the house or out in public.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1911 - 2011 Century Old Design Still Running STRONG!

There is plenty of debate across the intertubes about this century old design. It is not really a century old now because the design by John Moses Browning, PBUH, preceded 1911 when he led his followers to the promised land. It was in in 1911 that the US Military establishment officially adopted the design as an official sidearm. There was an officers version that was more compact than the original design. It even comes in a 10mm design called the Delta Elite that is one heck of a kicker. There are those who will tell you that anything other than the original design is unreliable. Even a number of people say the design is unsafe because it was designed to be carried with one in the chamber, with the hammer cocked and the thumb safety engaged. I can tell from personal experience that that is a load of BS. I put the Springfield pictured above left through the gas tank of my motorcycle into the frame while cocked and locked. It didn't go off even though there was bark from the tree that it hit pushed into the hammer serrations and beaver tail safety. There are those that will even tell you the design is outdated and even the original does not work without significant modification. Well, the design works just fine until someone starts monkeying with it. Either by design or with a Dremel in their garage or basement. The one change and improvement that actually works is the work undertaken by Virgil Tripp. Thus was born the 2011 and this post about them. In the beginning there was Tripp Research. I have the fortune of having one of their guns setup as an open gun. Through various incarnations there came STI and SV that are both this design. I even have an AirSoft licensed copy of the SV for practice. I wrote about sub caliber practice and that is something that I preach and practice. One of the STI frames I built up into a .22 trainer. That trainer is fitted with two top ends, one in Open Class configuration and one in Limited configuration. The cool thing about the Open setup is that it recoils with .22lr about the same as the .38Super with a comp on it. Gives a really good feel for how the gun shoots in practice. You'll notice in all this about the different calibers and my comment about different top ends. That is the absolute best thing about this design. Some call it the Windows PC of the hand gun world and some call it the Small Block Chevy of the hand gun world. All depends on your background and tastes. The point is that everyone and the brother (except Glock) makes a version of the 1911. If you want a different caliber all you have to do is change out the top end. Be it .22lr, .38Super, .40S&W, 10mm, 357SIG, .45ACP or .50GI. It matters not, you can shoot one caliber and then convert over to another caliber in about 2 minutes and be on your way.

Love it, Hate it or somewhere in between, it is a timeless design that still serves it's purpose of protecting and defending free people the world over for over a century.

UPDATE: Welcome readers of I'd be curious who linked me over there but thanks and stick around. Have a look and see if there is anything else of interest. Maybe even comment.

Found the linker and he has a post of his own 1911.

So what other 1911 owners are out there?

Happy New Years

So, I'm a few hours late. Tough. I was up at midnight when folks in the area set off batches of fireworks. Just didn't feel like getting up and posting.