Friday, October 29, 2010

Active Shooter. NOT!

Yesterday afternoon the campus alert system sent out notice of a man with a gun spotted at Rudder Tower in the center of campus and for everyone to shelter in place.

A bus driver had spotted a man walking into the building carrying an AK-47 and called it in to dispatch.

Plusses, the campus alert system "Code Maroon" worked well. The notice went out quickly to let students know something was up. The UPD and CSPD both responded along with the CSPD SWAT team. Searches were carried out while witnesses were interviewed. The suspect was identified and police went to his home to investigate. Turns out he had a plastic replica AK that he had carried through campus to his parking area in west campus then home. Nothing illegal but certainly really dumb given the current climate and VERY recent shooting on the UT campus and Sam Houston State campus.


Had this been an actual active shooter, by the time law enforcement arrived, there would have been multiple casualties. Granted, the number of CHL's on campus is small and even a small percentage of those would actually carry, but why are we denied the fundamental right of self defense because we have crossed some mystical line int he sand that is arbitrarily called "Campus?

If you don't already, support Students For Concealed Carry on Campus. Last legislative session here in Texas the bill to allow carry on campus was held up by petty Dems not letting anything move so they could stop Voter ID. WE can't let that happen this year. First off to get voter ID through and second to get CCoC passed. The lie being spread right now is that legislators do not want to take the decision out of individual school administrators hands and make this state law. Since the places weapons prohibited says if you have specific permission of the school you can carry. Problem is no school (college) will give permission for CHL's to carry as the administration sees it as too much of a risk. Blood in the streets, shooting over parking spaces and shootings over low grades and all that hysterical BS! Same nonfactual emotional BS that the anti rights crowd pull out every time CHL is proposed anywhere. Same Shit that has been proven factually wrong over and over again over time after the laws are passed.

It is time for this to stop!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How LOW?

How low can some people stoop?

SAN ANTONIO -- A crook broke into Soldiers' Angels last Sunday, stealing half a dozen flat screen tvs and laptops carrying valuable memorabilia.

"Certificates, awards, letters, inspirational letters," says the group's co-founder, Jeff Bader. "All of these were in the display modules and it feels like the loss of a loved one. Feels like we were violated."

The thief also vandalized the charity's exhibit room with flame retardant foam, right by the Fallen Heroes memorial.

"It was totally disrespectful," adds Bader. "It's unimaginable that someone would come into a place, a non-profit, and steal from a non-profit trying to help American soldiers."

Surveillance video from businesses next door led police to the arrest of 42 year old Charles Edward White. White is now charged with burglary of a building, but News 4 WOAI found this isn't his first time behind bars.

White has been in and out of jail since the late eighties for assault, kidnapping, drugs, and burglary.

Police haven't been able to recover the stolen items. Replacing the goods could cost Soldiers' Angels thousands of dollars... money that may have to come out of what they give to soldiers.

"This is going to cost money that could have gone to help wounded soldiers, deployed soldiers," says Bader. "It could have been used for better purposes than that, so we're going to need help replacing some of these items."

To help, you can call Soldiers' Angels at (210) 629-0020.
To break into a charities office and not only steal stuff but then to vandalize what you don't take?

So, go NOW to Soldiers Angels and donate. Doesn't matter how much but at least give something to help them get their facilities back together. They do an important job that needs to be done and this is the treatment they get. Make sure they know that there are more good people in the world behind them then there are bad people in the world stealing from them.

H/T From my position, on the way

UPDATE: Turns out this actually happened a couple weeks ago. Why the HELL hasn't this gotten more coverage in the press? (OK that's rhetorical) But why hasn't this been spread far and wide by now? If a Red Cross or Salvation Army office was broken into and vandalized you bet the word would be spread about how despicable of an act it was and calls for donations so why not now for SA's?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monster Hunter SQEEEEEE

Well, we got our autographed copies of Monster Hunter Vendetta in. I had already gotten my copy from Amazon and was trying to read it while I was sick but just couldn't keep my head in the game more than a paragraph at a time. So I just set it aside. I finally managed to finish it today and am pretty sure that I am going to have to go back and re read it to get everything. Not like that is an issue as I've read MHI at least a dozen times.

So, now that makes a collection of an original self published version with very personalized autograph. That was after having dinner with Larry and his kids. I have to say he has a great family and his kids are very well behaved.

Anyway, in addition to the self published copy, there are three copies of the BAEN published MHI with one being personalized with the warning that the book belongs to us and better be returned. Now we have two autographed copies of MHV to add to the collection.

So, if you haven't already gone out and bought one, GO ORDER MHV NOW!

I mean, who doesn't love gangsta Gnomes?

Beretta NEOS Recall

Beretta U.S.A. Corp. has discovered a potential condition with Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols in which the pistol will fire even if the safety is activated and, in some cases, the pistols may fire if the safety is moved from the OFF to the ON position. Chances of either of these situations occurring is extremely remote and no injuries have occurred because of this condition, however, because of safety concerns relating to this situation, Beretta U.S.A. Corp. is immediately implementing a recall of Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols.

You can get more from Beretta Directly here.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sick SUX!

Well, I've been down for three days. I should have known things were bad when my cat wouldn't leave me alone all night. He stayed curled up next to me all night long.
Anyway, not sleeping because my head was full and I couldn't breath was a hell of a way to spend a few days. I had my fresh copy of Monster Hunter Vendetta and couldn't focus long enough to read it. Finally have gotten my head to drain but now that makes for a sore throat and not so happy stomach.

To top it all off, Yesterday was the anniversary of the happiest day of my life, misbeHaven said "I Do." What should have been a happy day for us to be together turned into her taking care of me and getting me a bowl of PHO that I really didn't even taste or enjoy. Unfortunately, that's about how our anniversaries have been. At my last job, I spent more anniversaries and birthdays with my boss than I did with my wife. I finally got away from that job and into my current job where we are actually able to be together and this happens.

3652 Days...

... since TXGunGeek and I tied the knot. Actually 3653... our anniversary was yesterday, but I was too busy to post and TXGunGeek is sick. We said "for better or worse"... we've had some of both. Sickness and health, too. Gave up (relatively) richer for (relatively) poorer and found happier in the process. Life isn't perfect, but it's good.

I love you, honey.

Now get well! We have to get started on the next 10 years.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Navy Bombs Guam With Dead Mice

The solution was to drop the mice into the snakes’ natural habitat, the branches of trees in the jungles of Guam. By outfitting the mice with cardboard wings and green party streams, the bait could float down to the jungle and catch on the branches. The result is a hanging, deadly snack for the snakes.

You just have to go read the article to get the full effect. However, the visual from that one paragraph made my day. The Navy is dropping dead mice that have been stuffed with Acetaminophen into the jungle so snakes will eat them and die.
Commando Mice Brigade to the rescue!

UPDATE: Go over to We The Armed to read the real behind the tail tale of what really happened in this raid. Moose42 outdoes himself!