Thursday, August 29, 2019

Good Things

All good things must come to an end. And so does mine this weekend. I end 13 fantastic fun filled years at the Oran W Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel. However, I'm not really completely leaving. I am just jumping up in speed. From MACH 0.3 to MACH 5.0+, I'm moving next door through the Hypersonics lab to the Aerospace Laboratory for Lasers, Electromagnetics, and Optics with the building code named The Alamo. Finally getting back full circle to using my degree in Laser ElectroOptics while building upon my experiences in the Wind Tunnel World. I enter this with equal parts excitement and terror, This is such an incredible opportunity to attack new challenges and be part of the teams that develop new and exciting laser diagnostic techniques. The application of these in various tunnels and innovative ways just make it all the more exciting. Besides, <LEGO GUY VOICE> LASERS <LEGO GUY VOICE>! No sharks involved, unless the Navy wants to pony up some research funding, then we'll talk.