Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lou Dobbs on Olofsen

So, War On Guns had an alert on Lou Dobbs tonight. Just watched the segment on DVR and wow what a piece.
Lou was right on in confirming that this case is a huge threat to the entire 2A community. The idea that the ATF and Fed.Gov can classify a malfunctioning firearm as a machine gun and get a conviction is chilling. This really needs to be overturned. However, Lou stepped in it when he said the ATF did an outstanding job and it was the prosecutor that was way out of line. What a load, if the ATF had done their job this never would have made it to the courts in teh first place.
Gotta relax now or I'll never get to sleep tonight.

Sick Sucks

Well, since I started this blog, the Mrs came down with an upper respiratory infection that turned into bronchitis as well. After a couple bad reactions to medications, things still didn't completely clear up and she has now been diagnosed with emphysema despite the fact she has never smoked a day in her life and has only been a volunteer firefighter for a year.
With a good diagnosis and the right meds she is finally back up and went back to work part time yesterday for the first time.
What a way to start the new year.