Sunday, June 30, 2013

Road Trip

So yesterday, the Mrs and I took a road trip along with a good friend to Mordore on the Colorado to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Alamo Draft House. We met another friend for the show and had a wonderful time. I have to say, I have seen MAaN on stage and screen at least five different versions. This is by far my favorite. It was obvious that this was a labor of love for the actors and not just a job. I highly recommend you go see it. If you have the privilege of being near an Alamo Draft House, go see it there.
We then met up with one of my sisters and brother in law to trade reloading supplies and visit a bit. She had a hang tag for me from one of my other sisters. I'll get a picture of it and post that soon.

Now if only hte housework would have done itself while we were gone.