Saturday, October 12, 2019


In all seriousness, as of 11:45 local, The George H W Bush Combat Development Complex is officially a thing and I was there for the groundbreaking. This effort of Texas A&M University and the Army Futures Command resulted in a Cooperative Agreement to develop a part of the RELLIS campus at Texas A&M. With the support of the State of Texas the Complex is a reality. This will speed up the path of getting state of the art technology into the hands of front line warfighters as usable technology and I get to play a tiny part in it.

Any of you who knew or knew of George H W Bush, know that he had an affinity for fancy socks. Towards the end, he could always be seen rolling around in his wheelchair with fancy socks on full display. Well, as part of the celebration of this man and what he stood for, the takeaways from the groundbreaking and naming ceremony included a pair of custom fancy socks commemorating the Bush Combat Development Complex.