Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Aircraft Sightings

So, is it a gaggle, flock or tribe or maybe raiding party? Just wondering. These guys showed up for lunch. Funny how timing works out, we get loads of .mil aircraft in just before lunch time. That and Freebirds is usually full of flight suits for lunch. Very interesting timing indeed. They are always welcome here. Proud to see my tax dollars at work. Now if only they'd fly south and do a little something along the border. Hellfire a couple drug shipments and maybe things would slow down.
Well it must be rotor head day here. This afternoon we had more whirlybirds drop in for a visit. It's fun to guess what the aircraft is by the sound. We had a Coast Guard Dauphin drop in the other day and it was rather obvious who that was when I heard it. The Huey's are that way as well even though these are equipped with the twin pack engine upgrades.

Apaches and Black Hawks and Hueys, Oh My!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cookbook Sale

So, Chris and Melody over at Anarchangel are selling cookbooks. Head on over and have a look. The recipes they have been posting look interesting enough for us to order.

Blogroll stuff.

So, I have deleted a blog from the roll for conduct unbecoming by its owner. I won't mention the name or link and I doubt he even cares.

I also have the honor of being blogrolled by Robert over at Blackfork Blog. If haven't been, GO NOW. Quite an interesting and informative blog. Don't be surprised if you actually learn something while browsing.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deputies Killed in Florida at Gun Range

No real details yet but Fox News just had an alert that two Deputies were killed when they responded to a call at Shoal River Sporting Clays and Shooting Center. Need to follow this one as I am sure it will be no time and the VPC/Brady crowd will be dancing in the blood and calling for closure or restrictions or something. "Never let a crisis go to waste"

My heart goes out to the families of those involved and I pray that saner heads will prevail over this country eventually.

There is an article up with little more info. The Miami Herald also has one up.

Word out now is it was a domestic violence call that the deputies responded to and their investigation took them to the shooting range looking for the shooter.
FOXNEWS has a good article, the wife was at the hospital being treated for wounds received in a beating by the shooter and he had domestic battery charges already outstanding against him.

So, turns out the Deputies hit the guy with a Taser and as soon as the juice stopped they murderer pulled a gun and shot both Deputies. This says a lot for mindset. This guy had no intention of going in and was not going to cooperate with anything the Deputies said or did, he was just waiting to impliment his plan. The Deputies applied only the level of force they felt necessary and appropriate to end the situation. This illustrates a drawback/benefit of Tasers, once turned off, the recovery is almost instantanious. The Deputies tried to use the least amount of force needed and it cost them their lives. Before Tasers, this guy would have been at gunpoint or shot when he didn't comply with the Deputies commands. May have turned out better for the Deputies, may not have. My prayers are with the families and the community that has had to deal with this and if anything, I hope this shifts officers to have leathal force in hand and ready should the taser or any other less lethal force not end the fight. If Only.

Range Day DoubleGoodFun

Dock wrote up his review of the day including a diagram of the "Stage" I setup. You just have to go see this. TROGDOR RULES!!!!!!

It was a dark and stormy morning, when suddenly a shot rang out.
A group of friends went out to the range for a play day today. After teaching every weekend for some time I figured out that the only time I had been at the range lately had been for teaching. I might get a few shots in before or after class but the majority of time was for teaching. Please don't get me wrong, I have a huge amount of fun teaching. I try to make it fun for the students as well so they are having a good time and learn a little something in the mean time. But, I hadn't just gone out to shoot for fun in a while so I organized a range play day.

Hsoi and Doc came out to play along with a few of my friends. When they have their write ups they will be here and here. We shot a bunch of steel just as something to shoot at and setup a station for zeroing sights on rifles. After a bit of plinking I set up a stageish since none of the folks had shot competition before and since we had rifles out there I made a quick short range two gun stage that started with rifles and ended with pistols. From then on it was run what ya brung. AR with .22 conversions, straight up AR, 10/22 or Henry lever gun followed by XD, Sig, HS2000, Buckmark, HK, whatever.

Notice a theme here? Lots of .22 rimfire since ammo prices are going through the roof and availability is all but about nill. I won't even get into the two who showed up after making a haul of 9mm at the local Wally World. Damn Them!

The stage started with teh rifle with a couple paper targets then on to clays hung on chiken wire at 15yds. Better know your hold over to hit those. After a couple more paper targets with the rifle, it was on to the pistol portion of our program.

That concluded with a hostage head shot after running and gunning through the stage. Everybody jumped on cleaning up afterwords and we were out in time for lunch. Now I just have to muster up the energy to clean guns. Wheeeeeeeeeee! All in all it was a great day that reminded me about the joy of just going out to shoot for fun. Got to hang out with firends and shoot and BS and shoot some more and chide and shoot some more. Does it get any better?

ShoothouseBarbie had a health issue and couldn't make it. General consensus is we need to do this again so maybe next time she'll be able to make it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Texas Campus Carry Part DUEX

JR over at A Keyboard and a 45 has this article on the language of the substitute bill for HB 1893 and the change in co-authors. I sent a note to my Rep, Fred Brown, concerning this bill and the situation and after exchanging e-mails with his Chief of Staff was given his cell phone number to call and speak directly with him.

After work yesterday I called. He was likely still on the House floor so I left a brief message for him with my name and specific concern. Later in the evening, he called back to chat. We had a very good conversation about not only this bill but what is happening in the legislature right now and his support overall. He is solidly behind this bill restoring the civil right to self protection to college campuses just as he has been behind the civil right to self protection here in Texas all along. He is a supporter of armed self defense and a friend to gun owners. READ THAT AGAIN, I'll wait. He pulled is co-authorship from this bill as it got substituted because the Texas Leg is currently in their scramble mode to get bills moving before they run out of time and he is concentrating his efforts on bills he authored. He has been so wrapped up with his bills that he hasn't had the time to put effort into pushing this particular bill so he spoke to Joe Driver (author) and told him that until the final version hits the House floor, he wanted to take his name off the bill.

Now, on to this bill and Rep Browns Support.
Fred Brown represents one of the districts that contains a major state university. His job is to equally represent all the constituents in his district. That being said, I guarantee that the anti-gun faculty and administration at the university that are opposed to this bill are letting him know how they feel. To balance this out, all those who work/live/go to school in Bryan/College Station, Brazos County, District 14 need to contact his office and not only tell them that you support this bill but that you appreciate the support Rep Brown has given CHL's and the citizens of Texas and District 14 in the past. For that matter, no matter where you live in Texas, you need to take 5 minutes out of your day and contact your Rep and let them know your thoughts on getting this bill passed.

One of the canards being pushed against this bill is the standard "blood in the streets" argument that was used against CHL in the first place and has been disproven over and over again. The corollary to this is the "heated discussion" between professor and student turning into a shooting and that the professors are afraid of armed students snapping under the stress and shooting them of going on a rampage. TOTAL HYPERBOLE! As well as not based in reality or fact. So, lets take this level of fauctualness and feelings and turn it around shall we? The more likely scenario is that the anti gun professor finds out student X is carrying, due to said professors bigoted bias against guns, they grade student X harsher than the others and give them a lower grade based on their own bias. This argument has the same merit as the anti's side because it is based on the same lack of understanding and feelings instead of facts and it is just as possible.

So, take 5 minutes out of you life and contact your Rep. It's not that hard.

Must now get ready for work, I've got taxes to pay.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Texas Campus Carry

So, after reading JR's article on the status of HB1893, I wrote my Rep as he is one of the two that changed their mind and withdrew their support. Here is the letter I sent him;

Rep. Brown,
I am disconcerted by your lack of support for the campus carry bill HB1893. As my representative, I would ask that you consider the law abiding CHL holders that work for Texas A&M University and whom you also represent. You are saying by your actions, that you do not trust those people who have been through the extremely rigorous background check and training process required for obtaining a Texas CHL. There is ample evidence to show that Texas CHL holders are more trust worthy than the general population based on rates of conviction for misdemeanor and felony offenses. Do you really wish to say to those you represent that you do not trust them? Is there some imaginary line surrounding college campuses that make normally lawful people freak out and turn them into killers? You are forcing those who would otherwise be responsible for their own safety to give up that CIVIL RIGHT and creating an open killing field for deranged killers who would otherwise risk facing an armed potential victim.

I therefore ask that you truly represent those who elected you and support this bill.

Best Regards,

Here is the canned reply I got back from one of his staffers.

Thank you for contacting my office to voice your support for House Bill 1893, regarding the concealed carrying of handguns on college campuses. In my role as an elected official for the state of Texas, I always try to do what I deem necessary and most beneficial for my constituents and my state. As a supporter of the Second Amendment and a member of the NRA, I feel strongly that responsible Texans should be permitted to bear arms for personal safety and recreation. However, I also understand the concerns of those who oppose House Bill 1893.

As you know, I am one of only a handful of house members whose district includes a major public university. As a result, I am keenly aware of both the benefits and the potential consequences associated with this kind of legislation. I also plan on working directly with Representative Joe Driver and Senator Jeff Wentworth to address the concerns of all parties before moving this bill forward. I firmly believe that this important issue warrants only the most serious and deliberative consideration and I plan to make the most informed decision possible before this measure is presented to the full legislative body.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve the constituents of District 14, and I must make decisions as a legislator with all of their interests and voices in mind. Again, thank you for sharing your concerns. Please be assured that your comments have been recorded and will be seriously considered when this issue comes before me on the House Floor.

I invite you to participate in the legislative process via Links to proposed legislation, broadcasted meetings, calendars, voting records and other pertinent information are provided.

If we can assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Fred Brown

State Representative

So, he is basing this on opposition from A&M as an institution? Unless it is coming from the presidents office as a political thing, A&M is actually a pretty conservative place and I know there is plenty of support on campus for this bill.

I sent a reply back to Rep Browns office and have received a response from his chief of staff. We are trading e-mails at the moment and when I have an answer worth publishing I will add to this post.

His chief of staff replied with his cell phone number and suggested I call him to discuss in person. That he is likely to vote for the bill but removed his name as cosponsor since it was such a controversial bill. He is on the house floor at the moment so I will be calling him later to chat.

Talked to Rep Brown late last night. This is worthy of a followup post o fit's own. Look UP.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Enforcer?

Heard on the news this morning:

BO said there isn't enough support in Congress to reinstate the AWB, so he'll just have to settle for enforcing the laws against weapons trafficking that are already on the books.


Too bad I don't believe it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Electrical Geekery

While there are others who work with larger electrical systems than I. Mine is not the smallest in our area. With 5 transformer systems feeding 208Volt and 480Volt 3 phase lines into our complex at 500KVA to 750KVA, we also have our main motor that by itself pulls 2400Volts 3 phase at 300+Amps!

You know you're doing it right when the electrical utility calls you to ask if you are running something out of the ordinary because they are seeing intermittent spikes in demand on your areas circuit. Of course the answer was, yes we are running something that puts us on the upper edge of our electrical draw all at once.

On a related note: it is interesting to see a 3-1/2" diameter, schedule 160, steel pipe bend more than an inch over a four foot length of it. Impressive amount of force applied to do that. Maybe that's why the motor was running so hard, duh.

You think YOU'VE got money problems....

I was in one of the local pet stores last night, picking up a few things for my lords-and-masters (the cats). When I got to the register, there was a man there (about my age) with his daughter (about 6 or 7 years old). Clerk checked their items and then Girl dug into her purse. I thought, how nice, that man is teaching his daughter about money... good for him.

Girl pulled out several handfuls of quarters, and a crumpled wad of bills. Clerk started counting the money as Girl was unloading it, making neat $1 stacks of the coins and then carefully straightening and smoothing each bill before adding it to the pile on the counter. I was waiting for Dad to prompt Girl about how much she owed, or how much change she would get... things that I had been taught at that age. Instead, Dad asked Clerk, "How much is that?", gesturing to the pile of money.

O. M. G.

X stacks of coins at $1 each + Y $1 bills = Z $. How do you not know that?? You didn't even have to count by 5's or 10's or 25's... just 1's. How can you be 6-7 years old and not know how to count by 1's, much less at 30-40 years old?? Are you really that uneducated? Or are you just that lazy, that you can't even be bothered to count your own daughter's money? And what is she going to learn from this experience?

They finished their transaction. I stepped up to the register, and counted out exact change for my purchases... just to restore some sanity to the world.

Sometimes they write themselve

I'm too tired to rant about much today, 16+ hours days and 4 hours of sleep are not to conducive to reasoned thought. Besides I'm getting too old for this.

But, I couldn't pass up, Mexican Ass Hat Calderon saying in relation to the Mexican drug and violence problem:

"You have a lot of corruption as well"

As he was going on about the demand for drugs and the supply of guns fueling the drug gang violence in Mexico. Who in the hell does he think he is to lecture the US on corruption or to blame his own governments breakdown in allowing the corruption and gangs to pretty much control the Mexican governmental system from the locals to the federales?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mexican Gun Canard Continues

David Codrea over at War on Guns in the National Gun Rights Examiner picks apart the DHS LEO ONLY report that these articles are most likely from.

The NYT and PMSNBC continue with their pushing their agenda that guns from American gun shops are fueling the drug gang violence in Mexico. They caught 1, ONE, guy and made a case against him and are saying this proves the connection that all the military assault weapons used in Mexico are coming from the US. They have caught a few others and don't get into specifics but I garuntee these are not the M-16's and RPG's that are being used in the drug wars. Maybe low level gang violence like what we have here in the US with the racial drug gang violence are fueled by illegal purchases / transfers. They also needed to take another jab at private sales and gun shows saying;

"At gun shows in these states, there is even less regulation. Private sellers, unlike licensed dealers, are not obligated to record the buyer’s name, much less report the sale to the A.T.F."

They are also continuing with the unregulated gun stores and lack of tracking and registration:

"Noting there are about 1,500 licensed gun dealers in the Houston area, he added: “You can come to Houston and go to a different gun store every day for several months and never alert any one.”"

"The case highlights a major obstacle facing the United States as it tries to meet a demand from Mexico to curb the flow of arms from the states to drug cartels. The federal system for tracking gun sales, crafted over the years to avoid infringements on Second Amendment rights, makes it difficult to quickly spot suspicious trends and to identify people buying for smugglers, law enforcement officials say."

And of course we are supplying the evil "Cop Killer" guns and "anti-aircraft" 50 cals. and we are supplying machine guns that are of course "readily convertable":

"Sending straw purchasers into American stores, cartels have stocked up on semi-automatic AK-47 and AR-15 rifles, converting some to machine guns, investigators in both countries say. They have also bought .50 caliber rifles capable of stopping a car and Belgian pistols able to fire rifle rounds that will penetrate body armor. "

They are still pushing the 90% canard but have at least tacitly covered their tracks with:

"Federal agents say about 90 percent of the 12,000 pistols and rifles the Mexican authorities recovered from drug dealers last year and asked to be traced came from dealers in the United States, most of them in Texas and Arizona."

And of course the Mexican AmbASSidor to the US continues with his finger pointing:

"The Mexican foreign minister, Patricia Espinosa, in talking with reporters recently, accused the United States of violating its international treaty obligations by allowing guns to flow into the hands of organized crime groups in Mexico."

Despite Mexico's not only approval but helping illegals cross into this country. How about they stop the flow of illegals and take back all the crap they imported north already and we'll stop the flow of guns south?

Of course, registration would solve the problem:

"Because there is no computerized national gun registry, agents say, tracking guns relies on a paper trail."

And they have to LIE about how traces work:

"At the retail level, records of gun sales remain in the hands of the dealers. Agents can request to see them only if a gun is recovered in a crime or during periodic audits. By law, those audits can be done only once a year and, in practice, most dealers face such a review once every three to six years, because auditors are stretched thin."

Any time a gun is recovered and traced, the dealer has to pony up the data. It is not limited to just once a year so they are outright lieing about this and hiding behind the sliver of truth about yearly compliance audits.

Of course if the AWB was still in place none of this would be happening:

"Since Congress lifted the ban on assault rifles in 2004, more and more of the weapons recovered in Mexico have been military-style rifles like the AK-47s or the AR-15, the authorities in both countries say."

Again, evil gun shows and gun dealers in the US are to blame for teh violence in Mexico:

"Although federal agents say licensed dealers are the source of most guns going to Mexico, some come from private sellers at gun shows, where even noncitizens can buy guns."

Remember those evil features on those evil assault weapons?:

"with two AR-15 rifles strapped to his body, spidery black guns designed for combat, tricked out with features that soldiers prize: collapsible stocks, pistol grips, extra long magazines."

That's what make them so deadly!!

Man these people will never stop until they get the AWB, Registration, close the "loophole" and then just confiscate them all when those don't work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We were the Terrorists

It seems the DHS has pulled their report labeling all us Constitutional and Civil Rights activists as Terrorists.

That or it mysteriously vaporized into the ether. Wonder why they would do that?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

60 Minutes Gun Piece

It begins. Check back.

So, first couple minutes, enter gun show and see line around building. They did report that the people at the show were busy filling out the required forms for FBI background check.
Are playing ads talking about getting your guns now while you can.
Fear of Obama is creating gun and ammo shortage.

Had to go there, not all gun sales are recorded by FBI checks due to ........ "the loophole" despite efforts to close it.

Walk through parking lot with former police superintendent talking about Virginia being the primary source of guns that are used in crimes in other states , all up and down the seaboard, because of their lax laws allowing no background check sales at evil gun shows. "see that guy with the gun on his back....."

Parade out anti gun bigots including "Omar" lost sister at VT. talk about felons, addicts and mentally ill buying guns at gun shows without background check.

Cover bill for closing the evil "loophole" in VT and blame "gun lobby" for killing this common sense law. Mention if students had been armed but very quickly move on to more emotional arguments about Mexico and recent shootings

Bring up Mexican gun violence, recent shootings and fear of gun ban causing the latest round of shootings.

DIFI interviewed about AWB and the AK47's that were banned but now are available without background checks. She wants AWB back. DICKHEAD DURBIN lectures congress that no one will debate gun control anymore after the "evil gun lobby" struck back at the people who voted for the ban.

DIFI, says NRA has stranglehold on congress. That is why nothing is happening.

Obama labeled as the great gun grabber by NRA. DIFI will pick the time and place for the new AWB and stricter gun laws.

Mention loss of support for stronger gun controls and Gallup poles.

break for commercial.

Guess that was it. They didn't go into any further hysterics to close it out or anything. Not the biggest hit job but still touched on all the stereotype arguments and while interviewing the VCDL head a bunch of times, they definitely pulled out all the emotional stops to push that guns are causing evil, available without checks to all for cash due to loophole and the AWB needs to be brought back whenever DIFI can get the votes.

Remember; "if I could have gotten the 51 votes, that's it Mr and Mrs America, Turn them in" ? That is the DIFI that is going to bring the AWB at the time of her choosing. COUNT ON IT!

Morning Update:
You know, It truly is sad when just a few lies in the story makes it "moderate". Overall this wasn't near the hit piece that 20/20 was and they at least did intersperse their lies with a counter point. So it was almost a balanced feature.

Found: One Troll Has a great write up as usual.

Sebastian also weighs in.

More Trash Talking Pirates

So, now the pirates are saying that they are misunderstood and only take ransom not lives. Also that the killing of their comrades will only escalate the violence and they will attack anyone that appears French or American.

Reuters article here.

Money quote on this one is:
"Killing three out of thousands of pirates will only escalate piracy," said Sheikh Abdullahi Sheikh Abu Yusuf, spokesman of the moderate Islamist group Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca.

That just means we need to kill more of them till they stop fining it profitable to kidnap and terrorize unarmed cargo ships. For some strange reason you never see the pirates attacking a warship. Wonder why that is?????

I agree with Tam, we should "Shell them forward to the Stone Age!"

And as Blackfork wondered, "Wonder when the order "break open the arms locker and prepare to repel boarders" was last given?"

Why can't the world just grow some balls and give these bastard pirates what they deserve?

90% crap just won't go away

So, now the Mexican Ambassador to the US is continuing with the 90% of guns come from US Gun shops crap. When are they going to admit they were caught in a lie? Never I'm sure.

FoxNews has the first report.

The Hildabeast, the Mexican Ambassador and the MSM are really pushing this crap as an excuse to push the gun control agenda. Just wait for it.


Somebody grew a pair and went in to get this hero out and kill the bastards responsible. More Please!!!

I was out of news contact and saw the new post pop up on Texas Fred's
H/T to Fred

Original article here.
Money quote:
"The negotiations between the elders and American officials have broken down. The reason is American officials wanted to arrest the pirates in Puntland and elders refused the arrest of the pirates,"

That means the elders are in cahoots with the pirates and are as guilty as they are. So, the US Military needs to level the Mudug region of Somalia. Chicago Rules should be in effect since the Chicago Machine is in the White House. They put one of our in the hospital, it's past time to a crapload of theirs in the morgue. That would be a metric crapload of course.

What I still don't understand is when the captain got loose and swam for it, why wasn't the lifeboat turned into a smoking hole in the water?

That's exactly what happened. The Captain made a break for it again and they attacked.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

20/20 Hit Piece

So, it was as bad as expected and it was in fact a hit piece. They setup college students for getting shot and the instructors being the bad guys obviously were looking for them when the shooting started.

The whole "Gun Show NOT A Loophole" crap segment was just that. At least the former ATF agent said the sellers had broken no laws.

It is easy to see that the outcome was predetermined and 20/20 just had to set things up the right way so they got their desired results for each segment.

I have no doubt that those in the blogoshpere that are more adept at picking these things apart will do so and I m not going to work myself up any more over it. The MSM is against guns and gun owners and will do anything including lieing and bending the truth as much as they can to get their point across. They waste my time but they are informing the masses with their disinformation campaign and they need to be held accountable.

I tire of this whole thing and have better ways to spend my time that do not get my blood pressure up. Nto sure why no one else has gotten posts up about this yet as it aired last night. I DVR'd it so I oculd work on the ranch this morning and watch it after work was done.

So I found a pretty comprehensive write up that is well worth the read. And warrants a link on the blogroll.

John, The Texaner has a great detailed post up on it too. No need to add a link, he's already there.

I need to go shower now.

The Mrs pointed out that in the section about tunnel vision, the "Instructor" (and I use the term very loosely) pulled out one f the simunitions guns and literally sticks it in Diane Sawyers face. I've seen crap gun handling and total disregard for teh safety rules but that was just plain ridiculous.

There are even more article showing up. The Denver Gun Rights Examiner had an article up worth the read. as does the LA Gun Rights Examiner.

Contrast the 20/20 hit piece to CBS Sunday Morning. They had a piece on the anniversary of the VT shooting. Main focus was the fact that the shooters murderous intent had been clear for a while and one pro in particular had tried to call attention to it and the VT management ignored he pleas and even slandered her in their public response after wards saying that she reported all was well with the guy and there was no longer any danger from him.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Reservations w/Uncle Ted

Hsoi links us to the video of Anthony Bourdain and his show No Reservations. Strange how a Liberal Leftist can come out and insult the Motor City Madman while praising him and walk away from shooting guns with a smile as big as Dallas.

Talk about new phonebooks!

So, I have had visitors now from both houses of congress, 7 different state governments and now a county in Arizona famous for it's sheriff. Boy do I feel special.

Not to forget, Finland, Poland (I'm Polish), Canada, a mention on a Russian language board, and a number of domestics that I have a history with. Londonderry NH, Utica NY, Andover MA, and a couple different towns in the Great State of Montana.

I thin I need to write more and on more interesting topics so people stick around and come back.

Windows 7 Beta 1, DAY 1

Day 1, still tired from the move.
Spent the day working on the control room while the guys fought my computer. Mail is up, as is FireFox and SolidWorks. Likely to spend the day driving the tunnel so not much keyboard time tomorrow either. Did get most of my files back onto the computer and was advised to keep a running backup on the network drive just in case and so when the installation gets blown away with a newer/release version, all my stuff is there.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

HB 1893

As of Wed. evening, HB 1893 (removing college campus as a prohibited place for CHL's) has been passed out of the House Committee on Public Safety, On to Calendars and a hearing on the House Floor. Call your Rep and make sure they know this bill need to be passed.

Windows 7 Beta 1, The journey begins......

The last two days have been not so good, computer wise, at work. After multiple issues, I backed all my files off of my computer and the guys started loading Windows 7 Beta 1 on my machine and reloading all the applications. I haven't gotten to play with it as they are not finished installing and I was with the customer all week. However, I have gotten to see a few tidbits. Like IE8 sux and likes to just lock up. We'll see once I get it back if SolidWorks and AutoCAD actually function along with Outlook and FireFox. More updates as things develop.

Update; Finally got access. Solid works is up but AutoCAD Electrical 2009 is not. IE* is actually a Beta running on a Beta Windows. "I'm a Beta, running on a Beta pretending to be an application."

Snake Blogging

Coming home today, we stumbled across a rat snake on the back porch of Casa Geek. Judging by the 6 spaced 2x6's he stretched across, he is 3 feet long. Turns out all he really wanted was to come in for a visit with us. So, we had to usher the barn cat inside for a snack and keep him in while the snake went for a slither across the porch and out into the back yard. Eventually he decided that the wood pile was a good place to hang out.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The new phonebooks are here, the new phonebooks are here!

Sorry for the obscure movie reference, but doesn't it mean you are somebody when you get a visit from .gov in Washington DC?

I was giddy enough when Brigid graced my blog with her presence.

Transformers Aha moment

So, scanning through channels this weekend, I came across Transformers. It hadn't dawned on me before but interesting that the Decepticons are all Military/Law Enforcement vehicles and the Autobots are Civilian vehicles. Bad guys are .Gov and good guys are "The People".
Just sayin.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Range Win Day

So, had a class this morning and got to shoot some with docbot. Doc learned that with a few very minor tweaks, he needs to shoot faster. Other than that, we hung out and did some fun shooting after class and generally had a fun time at the range. Great weather, great company, out on the range shooting, doesn't get any better than that.
Except now I have to go to work (the day job) to get things setup for Monday.

Ah, what a day!

UPDATE: docbot wrote up his review. Thanks for the kind words doc. IT really was a joy on the range Saturday. Great people and good shooting. That's what it's all about. The day really was made of WIN!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Police response to shootings

OK, so everyone is covering this and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership has already started dancing in the blood. As usual, the press is just lacing their stories with nonsensical exaggerations to make it worse. Even though it is already pretty bad. First reports were "High powered rifle" then "High power guns" then the truth comes out that he had two pistol registered to him, a 9mm and a .45. Being NY, they were registered, he was licensed and they were probably loaded with 10 round mags. It was also amusing to read in one of the first articles that the Binghamton Police called out their "Commando Team". Where the hell does the press come up with these?

I will preface this with the fact that I have the highest regards for law enforcement officers. My Grandfather was a beat officer in Binghamton NY of all places. Shot by a kid robbing a drug store. I work with officers on scene at wrecks and fires and teach and train with them all the time.

My rant is about the response of officers to active shooter situations and the outcomes.

Now to my point. The shooting in Binghamton in a crowded building and the article has this quote,

"Police heard no gunfire after they arrived but waited for about an hour before entering the building to make sure it was safe for officers."

Contrast this with the shooting in Alabama,

"including the Carthage police officer who confronted him in a hallway of Pinelake Health and Rehab and stopped the brutal attack.

"He acted in nothing short of a heroic way today, and but for his actions, we certainly could have had a worse tragedy,"

The responding officer in the nursing home ran towards the shooting to stop the shooter. This guy really is nothing less than a hero. Contrast this to the NY cops who surrounded the scene to prevent the gunman from escaping and waited. That was a Columbine response all over again. If the guy had still been shooting down in the basement and the officers let it go on, there is no telling how many more people he would have murdered.

Remember, When you're about to be murdered in seconds, the police are only minutes or hours away. Their duty is to protect society at large not you personally. It has been ruled on in court way too many times. While there are a number of officers who take their oath to serve and protect personally and want to protect you personally, they cannot be everywhere all the time.

I have had the privilege of participating in an active shooter drills with a couple different small police departments. (I have lots of experience as "Designated Bad Guy). I have to say it is refreshing to see the attitude of these officers. Organizing a hasty team and proactively going after the shooter to stop them before they can do any more damage is the right thing to do to protect the people on the scene as well as society. I can't imagine that the Binghamton Police Department doesn't have an active shooter program. Either they don't or commanders on the scene made the decision to not make entry right away and wait for the SWAT team.

Enough rambling, I need to get packed for class tomorrow.

Random Aircraft Sightings

So, ANOTHER Piaggio Avanti II is here. Different tail number and different owner than the one previously spotted here. How weird is that?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mexican Gun Canard Continues

So, while the 90% myth has been publically busted by Fox News, the .Gov continues on it's merry way. On 4/1 the US Senate passed a bill with $550 Mil for increased enforcement on the border. Don't it make you feel like a fool?!?!?!

Specifically $260m for dogs trained in sniffing weapons and their handlers, more Customs agents for weapons searches of cars headed south, $130m for ICE investigators specifically to investigate weapons smuggling and money laundering, $50m for BATF&EIEIO for investigations into firearms trafficking along the border.

So, now we are going to throw more money where we know it will not do any good because that is not where the weapons are coming from. You can bet that the first time they pop someone with an AR or MAK or SKS or any normal capacity magazines they will play that up in all kinds of ways to show just how bad the problem is and how real the threat is.

Next up will be the regulations to require registration of everyone entering any gun show or shooting match or seeking firearms training. This will of course go with reclassification of gunpowder and primers as a higher explosive requiring a fed license to purchase, store or use. Not to mention the license and registration required to purchase ammo.

They are definitely lining their PR ducks up in a row preparing for the endgame.

Still bitterly clinging to their lies and legislation.

Article Here.