Saturday, April 25, 2009

Range Day DoubleGoodFun

Dock wrote up his review of the day including a diagram of the "Stage" I setup. You just have to go see this. TROGDOR RULES!!!!!!

It was a dark and stormy morning, when suddenly a shot rang out.
A group of friends went out to the range for a play day today. After teaching every weekend for some time I figured out that the only time I had been at the range lately had been for teaching. I might get a few shots in before or after class but the majority of time was for teaching. Please don't get me wrong, I have a huge amount of fun teaching. I try to make it fun for the students as well so they are having a good time and learn a little something in the mean time. But, I hadn't just gone out to shoot for fun in a while so I organized a range play day.

Hsoi and Doc came out to play along with a few of my friends. When they have their write ups they will be here and here. We shot a bunch of steel just as something to shoot at and setup a station for zeroing sights on rifles. After a bit of plinking I set up a stageish since none of the folks had shot competition before and since we had rifles out there I made a quick short range two gun stage that started with rifles and ended with pistols. From then on it was run what ya brung. AR with .22 conversions, straight up AR, 10/22 or Henry lever gun followed by XD, Sig, HS2000, Buckmark, HK, whatever.

Notice a theme here? Lots of .22 rimfire since ammo prices are going through the roof and availability is all but about nill. I won't even get into the two who showed up after making a haul of 9mm at the local Wally World. Damn Them!

The stage started with teh rifle with a couple paper targets then on to clays hung on chiken wire at 15yds. Better know your hold over to hit those. After a couple more paper targets with the rifle, it was on to the pistol portion of our program.

That concluded with a hostage head shot after running and gunning through the stage. Everybody jumped on cleaning up afterwords and we were out in time for lunch. Now I just have to muster up the energy to clean guns. Wheeeeeeeeeee! All in all it was a great day that reminded me about the joy of just going out to shoot for fun. Got to hang out with firends and shoot and BS and shoot some more and chide and shoot some more. Does it get any better?

ShoothouseBarbie had a health issue and couldn't make it. General consensus is we need to do this again so maybe next time she'll be able to make it.


  1. That explains where she was. We'll have to excuse it this time and yes, use it as an excuse for another event!

  2. Be sure to let me know when this happens again... please!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the diagram.

    How did I do it with boxing gloves on? :)

  4. Looking forward to getting together with y'all.