Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mexican Gun Canard Continues

David Codrea over at War on Guns in the National Gun Rights Examiner picks apart the DHS LEO ONLY report that these articles are most likely from.

The NYT and PMSNBC continue with their pushing their agenda that guns from American gun shops are fueling the drug gang violence in Mexico. They caught 1, ONE, guy and made a case against him and are saying this proves the connection that all the military assault weapons used in Mexico are coming from the US. They have caught a few others and don't get into specifics but I garuntee these are not the M-16's and RPG's that are being used in the drug wars. Maybe low level gang violence like what we have here in the US with the racial drug gang violence are fueled by illegal purchases / transfers. They also needed to take another jab at private sales and gun shows saying;

"At gun shows in these states, there is even less regulation. Private sellers, unlike licensed dealers, are not obligated to record the buyer’s name, much less report the sale to the A.T.F."

They are also continuing with the unregulated gun stores and lack of tracking and registration:

"Noting there are about 1,500 licensed gun dealers in the Houston area, he added: “You can come to Houston and go to a different gun store every day for several months and never alert any one.”"

"The case highlights a major obstacle facing the United States as it tries to meet a demand from Mexico to curb the flow of arms from the states to drug cartels. The federal system for tracking gun sales, crafted over the years to avoid infringements on Second Amendment rights, makes it difficult to quickly spot suspicious trends and to identify people buying for smugglers, law enforcement officials say."

And of course we are supplying the evil "Cop Killer" guns and "anti-aircraft" 50 cals. and we are supplying machine guns that are of course "readily convertable":

"Sending straw purchasers into American stores, cartels have stocked up on semi-automatic AK-47 and AR-15 rifles, converting some to machine guns, investigators in both countries say. They have also bought .50 caliber rifles capable of stopping a car and Belgian pistols able to fire rifle rounds that will penetrate body armor. "

They are still pushing the 90% canard but have at least tacitly covered their tracks with:

"Federal agents say about 90 percent of the 12,000 pistols and rifles the Mexican authorities recovered from drug dealers last year and asked to be traced came from dealers in the United States, most of them in Texas and Arizona."

And of course the Mexican AmbASSidor to the US continues with his finger pointing:

"The Mexican foreign minister, Patricia Espinosa, in talking with reporters recently, accused the United States of violating its international treaty obligations by allowing guns to flow into the hands of organized crime groups in Mexico."

Despite Mexico's not only approval but helping illegals cross into this country. How about they stop the flow of illegals and take back all the crap they imported north already and we'll stop the flow of guns south?

Of course, registration would solve the problem:

"Because there is no computerized national gun registry, agents say, tracking guns relies on a paper trail."

And they have to LIE about how traces work:

"At the retail level, records of gun sales remain in the hands of the dealers. Agents can request to see them only if a gun is recovered in a crime or during periodic audits. By law, those audits can be done only once a year and, in practice, most dealers face such a review once every three to six years, because auditors are stretched thin."

Any time a gun is recovered and traced, the dealer has to pony up the data. It is not limited to just once a year so they are outright lieing about this and hiding behind the sliver of truth about yearly compliance audits.

Of course if the AWB was still in place none of this would be happening:

"Since Congress lifted the ban on assault rifles in 2004, more and more of the weapons recovered in Mexico have been military-style rifles like the AK-47s or the AR-15, the authorities in both countries say."

Again, evil gun shows and gun dealers in the US are to blame for teh violence in Mexico:

"Although federal agents say licensed dealers are the source of most guns going to Mexico, some come from private sellers at gun shows, where even noncitizens can buy guns."

Remember those evil features on those evil assault weapons?:

"with two AR-15 rifles strapped to his body, spidery black guns designed for combat, tricked out with features that soldiers prize: collapsible stocks, pistol grips, extra long magazines."

That's what make them so deadly!!

Man these people will never stop until they get the AWB, Registration, close the "loophole" and then just confiscate them all when those don't work.

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