Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Trash Talking Pirates

So, now the pirates are saying that they are misunderstood and only take ransom not lives. Also that the killing of their comrades will only escalate the violence and they will attack anyone that appears French or American.

Reuters article here.

Money quote on this one is:
"Killing three out of thousands of pirates will only escalate piracy," said Sheikh Abdullahi Sheikh Abu Yusuf, spokesman of the moderate Islamist group Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca.

That just means we need to kill more of them till they stop fining it profitable to kidnap and terrorize unarmed cargo ships. For some strange reason you never see the pirates attacking a warship. Wonder why that is?????

I agree with Tam, we should "Shell them forward to the Stone Age!"

And as Blackfork wondered, "Wonder when the order "break open the arms locker and prepare to repel boarders" was last given?"

Why can't the world just grow some balls and give these bastard pirates what they deserve?

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  1. John,

    The only way to prevent kidnappings for ransom is not to negotiate with kidnappers. Anything less than that creates perceived weakness. You have three AK-47 wielding peasants holding up how many US resources for over a week? Several ships, SEAL team, FBI resources, planes, helicopters... I fail to see how this can be seen as an example of anything but decision paralysis.

    Great blog,