Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mexican Gun Canard Continues

So, while the 90% myth has been publically busted by Fox News, the .Gov continues on it's merry way. On 4/1 the US Senate passed a bill with $550 Mil for increased enforcement on the border. Don't it make you feel like a fool?!?!?!

Specifically $260m for dogs trained in sniffing weapons and their handlers, more Customs agents for weapons searches of cars headed south, $130m for ICE investigators specifically to investigate weapons smuggling and money laundering, $50m for BATF&EIEIO for investigations into firearms trafficking along the border.

So, now we are going to throw more money where we know it will not do any good because that is not where the weapons are coming from. You can bet that the first time they pop someone with an AR or MAK or SKS or any normal capacity magazines they will play that up in all kinds of ways to show just how bad the problem is and how real the threat is.

Next up will be the regulations to require registration of everyone entering any gun show or shooting match or seeking firearms training. This will of course go with reclassification of gunpowder and primers as a higher explosive requiring a fed license to purchase, store or use. Not to mention the license and registration required to purchase ammo.

They are definitely lining their PR ducks up in a row preparing for the endgame.

Still bitterly clinging to their lies and legislation.

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