Saturday, April 11, 2009

20/20 Hit Piece

So, it was as bad as expected and it was in fact a hit piece. They setup college students for getting shot and the instructors being the bad guys obviously were looking for them when the shooting started.

The whole "Gun Show NOT A Loophole" crap segment was just that. At least the former ATF agent said the sellers had broken no laws.

It is easy to see that the outcome was predetermined and 20/20 just had to set things up the right way so they got their desired results for each segment.

I have no doubt that those in the blogoshpere that are more adept at picking these things apart will do so and I m not going to work myself up any more over it. The MSM is against guns and gun owners and will do anything including lieing and bending the truth as much as they can to get their point across. They waste my time but they are informing the masses with their disinformation campaign and they need to be held accountable.

I tire of this whole thing and have better ways to spend my time that do not get my blood pressure up. Nto sure why no one else has gotten posts up about this yet as it aired last night. I DVR'd it so I oculd work on the ranch this morning and watch it after work was done.

So I found a pretty comprehensive write up that is well worth the read. And warrants a link on the blogroll.

John, The Texaner has a great detailed post up on it too. No need to add a link, he's already there.

I need to go shower now.

The Mrs pointed out that in the section about tunnel vision, the "Instructor" (and I use the term very loosely) pulled out one f the simunitions guns and literally sticks it in Diane Sawyers face. I've seen crap gun handling and total disregard for teh safety rules but that was just plain ridiculous.

There are even more article showing up. The Denver Gun Rights Examiner had an article up worth the read. as does the LA Gun Rights Examiner.

Contrast the 20/20 hit piece to CBS Sunday Morning. They had a piece on the anniversary of the VT shooting. Main focus was the fact that the shooters murderous intent had been clear for a while and one pro in particular had tried to call attention to it and the VT management ignored he pleas and even slandered her in their public response after wards saying that she reported all was well with the guy and there was no longer any danger from him.


  1. You expected something positive from ABC News and Diane *The Libbers Best Friend* Sawyer??

  2. Fred, No I really didn't expect anything positive. Just not so blatantly setup. Guess I really shouldn't have been surprised though with their history or accuracy in journalism.