Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deputies Killed in Florida at Gun Range

No real details yet but Fox News just had an alert that two Deputies were killed when they responded to a call at Shoal River Sporting Clays and Shooting Center. Need to follow this one as I am sure it will be no time and the VPC/Brady crowd will be dancing in the blood and calling for closure or restrictions or something. "Never let a crisis go to waste"

My heart goes out to the families of those involved and I pray that saner heads will prevail over this country eventually.

There is an article up with little more info. The Miami Herald also has one up.

Word out now is it was a domestic violence call that the deputies responded to and their investigation took them to the shooting range looking for the shooter.
FOXNEWS has a good article, the wife was at the hospital being treated for wounds received in a beating by the shooter and he had domestic battery charges already outstanding against him.

So, turns out the Deputies hit the guy with a Taser and as soon as the juice stopped they murderer pulled a gun and shot both Deputies. This says a lot for mindset. This guy had no intention of going in and was not going to cooperate with anything the Deputies said or did, he was just waiting to impliment his plan. The Deputies applied only the level of force they felt necessary and appropriate to end the situation. This illustrates a drawback/benefit of Tasers, once turned off, the recovery is almost instantanious. The Deputies tried to use the least amount of force needed and it cost them their lives. Before Tasers, this guy would have been at gunpoint or shot when he didn't comply with the Deputies commands. May have turned out better for the Deputies, may not have. My prayers are with the families and the community that has had to deal with this and if anything, I hope this shifts officers to have leathal force in hand and ready should the taser or any other less lethal force not end the fight. If Only.

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