Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Windows 7 Beta 1, The journey begins......

The last two days have been not so good, computer wise, at work. After multiple issues, I backed all my files off of my computer and the guys started loading Windows 7 Beta 1 on my machine and reloading all the applications. I haven't gotten to play with it as they are not finished installing and I was with the customer all week. However, I have gotten to see a few tidbits. Like IE8 sux and likes to just lock up. We'll see once I get it back if SolidWorks and AutoCAD actually function along with Outlook and FireFox. More updates as things develop.

Update; Finally got access. Solid works is up but AutoCAD Electrical 2009 is not. IE* is actually a Beta running on a Beta Windows. "I'm a Beta, running on a Beta pretending to be an application."

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