Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Aircraft Sightings

So, is it a gaggle, flock or tribe or maybe raiding party? Just wondering. These guys showed up for lunch. Funny how timing works out, we get loads of .mil aircraft in just before lunch time. That and Freebirds is usually full of flight suits for lunch. Very interesting timing indeed. They are always welcome here. Proud to see my tax dollars at work. Now if only they'd fly south and do a little something along the border. Hellfire a couple drug shipments and maybe things would slow down.
Well it must be rotor head day here. This afternoon we had more whirlybirds drop in for a visit. It's fun to guess what the aircraft is by the sound. We had a Coast Guard Dauphin drop in the other day and it was rather obvious who that was when I heard it. The Huey's are that way as well even though these are equipped with the twin pack engine upgrades.

Apaches and Black Hawks and Hueys, Oh My!

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