Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Gun Free Zone School Shooting

Story here.

Initial report is that principal is dead another injured and the shooter is either dead or critical. The shooter was found in a car somewhere outside of the school. So, he had time to do his shooting and then leave unchallenged to kill himself.

The shocker is, also initial report is the shooter is the son of a police detective. This could get interesting. My prayers go out to the injured and to the family of the dead principal.

If it turns out the shooter used one of his detective fathers guns, he may as well kiss his career goodbye.

So later articles say both victims are alive and only shooter is dead after he drove off.

What I find telling is this quote,

The school was locked down immediately following the shooting.

So they locked the school down AFTER the shooting. So what was their plan to protect the students DURING the shooting?

Well, the assistant principal has died, the principal is still alive and the shooter is still dead.
More info now that I am not hearing on most of the MSM broadcasts is that the shooting followed him being suspended for tearing up the schools football field with his car. This miscreants behavior just keeps getting better and better. Of course he blames all of his actions on the school. Please to reread that. HE blames all of HIS actions on the school. BZZZZT, Sorry bud, you had no respect for other peoples lives or property and acted on that complete and utter lack of respect.


  1. Like I posted on my blog a little while ago: People that believe that this really happened are wrong. This was a GUN-FREE zone. There was a sign and everything. Therefore it could not have happened. No gun can possibly be brought into a gun-free zone and everything is safe there.

  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    Gun free zones are a crule joke, as we have seen on countless ocassions. Sad that the anti-gunners still consider their failed "Gun Free Zone" social experiment worth peoples lives. They are doing this to "Save the Children" and don't care how many children they allow to killed and injured in the process.