Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quote of the Century - Greg Hamilton

I have met and trained with Greg and John and the rest of the crew at InSights. Good Guys All! In this case, Greg hits one not just out of the park but out of the county.

Ok facebook friends we have to get some shit straight.

If you are an atheist then the Koran is fiction, if you are Christian it's either fiction or worse, the work or Satan, if Jewish well I don't know, you probably think something like the Christian, and if Muslim, ....oh yeah I don't have Muslim friends.... Well whatever you believe, unless you are Muslim the koran is NOT holy or sacred, it is a FALSE book, about a FALSE religion, by a FALSE prophet of a FALSE god. Everybody have that straight?

We publicly fund shit like "Piss Christ" and the same Americans who protest to protect it are mad about a fucking Koran?

Today should officially be "go buy a Koran, put it on the barbecue, and cook some fucking pork chops and bacon with it" day.

It's called a fucking war, if you don't like it feel free to castrate yourself and all the males in your genetic line, convert to Islam, and let the savages breed with your women.

Oh, one more thing, unless you are a follower of Islam quit calling that boy-buggering pedophile Mohammad a damn prophet! Wether you are atheist, Christian or Jewish he CAN'T be a prophet. He is either a wack-job like L.Ron who made some shit up or he is the minion of the Devil.

Rant not even close to being off.

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  1. Gonna disagree with the "prophet" part.

    Look, I am not a monarchist nor a citizen of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, but I am still going to refer to its monarch as Queen Elizabeth. And I am not a Episcopalian, so I do not believe that God chose her as monarch either. I just respect the title, in some small way, and would refer to her as "her highness" if I met her.

    Likewise, Mohammad's followers want him called "prophet", I will do so. Even if they are illiterate savages, and unwilling to extend the courtesy to Pope Benedict or Archbishop Bartholomew of the Eastern Orthodox Church (I had to google it...)

    I am a pork eating crusader, and wear a tat that says, "I will not submit" in arabic, but I will be courteous to a point, and I hope you can understand that it isn't infinite, but it is there.