Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Bomb Callout (Bracken Sends)

Matt Bracken (Author of the Enemies series of books) is going to release the first book "Enemies Foreign and Domestic on the Amazon for Kindle FREE section in seven days or so. He is wanting to get a movement going to spike the downloads of this book. So, for the half dozen regulars who read this, stop by and keep up with Matt and when it happens, download the book. After all, first it is a good read, second it's FREE. Read it then see if you want to maybe support the author by actually buying the books. I highly recommend them.


  1. Erm... the title of the book is Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

    Can't let spellcheck go around making us forgive our enemies. ;-)

  2. BLAHBLAH BLAH, I am Gru Back To Work!