Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Power Blogging

Not what you think.

misbeHaven and I worked late today and stopped and had something to eat in town before heading home. As we approached our turnoff, there were two local electric company service trucks at the intersection. I commented, "this doesn't look good." Well, we got home to find a very quiet household indeed. Except for the cat bitching about needing to be fed or some such.

Cranked up the ol generator and flip the transfer switch. That got power on to light the place and get ceiling fans going but it was 104.3 here at Casa de Geek today and was warming up quickly inside. Fortunately we have a plan. Since the generator is not big enough to power the central A/C unit, we have a window unit big enough to cool the master suite (bedroom and bathroom). So, off I go to drag that beast out and get it installed in the window. That took a bit of combined effort but it is installed and running so we have A/C in the bedroom and can at least sleep tonight if the outage continues. It has been out for at least 4.5 hours and there is no telling how long it will take to repair. Not sure what went anyway.

However, the minimal power is up and we are holed up in the bedroom with extra provisions and ammo. Just have to wait this one out.

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