Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks 9th Circuit

So, thanks to the 9th Circuit Court of oft overturned idiots, I can now announce my candidacy for president in 2012. That's right, TXGunGeek for Pres in 2012.

My qualifications :

State Senator for 15 years
State Governor for 12 years
US Senator for 32 years
Awarded the Medal of Freedom 6 times
US Representative for 2 years (I really hated that job)
And, I NEVER once voted "present"

So, as you can see, I am more than qualified to be president and quite frankly am more qualified than the bozo currently in office or any of the other likely candidates.

* Since it's protected speech to lie about military service and honors, it has to be protected speech to lie about other governmental service as well right?


  1. Whether it's protected or not doesn't seem to have stopped many people before.

  2. You've got my vote. Where do I send the campaign contribution to?

  3. If you need a campaign manager or a Communications Director, a very un=PC Communications Director I might add, I am available... Cheap...

  4. You've got my vote!