Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome World

Not really sure what happened but in the last two days I have gotten hits from;

Madras India
Oslo Norway
Brandon Canada
Austin Texas
Sapporo Japan
Manila Philippines
New Delhi India
Doorn Netherlands
Koganei Japan
Jamahiriya Libya
Hyderabad India
Ottawa Canada
AOL in the United Kingdom
Denpasar Indonesia
Alcorcn Spain
Moncton Canada
Mississauga Canada
Brooklyn New York

Welcome one and all to my humble little corner of the internet. Please stick around a while and read some of my old stuff. I have been a bit sporadic as of late but on rare occasions I actually write something worth reading if I do say so myself. Please do feel free to comment. I would like a little feedback as to whether you do or do not like or agree with my ramblings. Only way for me to get better is to hear what others think about it and listen to others opinions.

And most of all THANK YOU for stopping by and sharing a little bit of your time with me.

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