Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Wrong it Hurts

As is normal after a mass shooting, there are articles up from every news mouth that can get camera time. Something connected in any esoteric way.

One such article was done by KVUE reporter Jennie Huerta.

There is just so much wrong here. Other than the sensationalism that "The Gunman was carrying an AK-47"

We'll start here;
The AK-47 has a distinct look, with a curved magazine and a fixed metal stock. The AK-47 is a semi-automatic rifle, meaning that the user must pull the trigger for each shot. It does not spray bullets continuously with one trigger pull, unlike a fully automatic weapon. The AK-47 can fire up to 600 rounds per minute.

Um, the AK-47 is actually a fully automatic capable select fire long arm. Bonus points for stating that this one does not fire fully automatically but then saying it fires 600 rounds a minute is just wrong?

Another wonderful one;
The name stands for “Assault Kalashnikov,” and the year it was introduced, 1947.
BZZZZZZT, try again, it stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 because it is an Automatic weapon accepted for use by the Russian military in 1947 that was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

So now let's throw out another one;
The AK-47’s $600 price tag makes it one of the most popular assault rifles in the world. It is manufactured in at least 24 countries outside where it originated, Russia. It is officially used by nearly 70 military forces in the world. The United States Armed Forces do not officially use the AK-47. It is readily available in Texas.
$600 dollars for an AK clone? Really? As for the mishmash of factoids there, the US military doesn't use it but it is readily available in Texas. The Springfield XD is not officially used by the US military but it is readily available in Texas. As are SKS's, Mosin Nagants, Tarus Revolvers and semi autos, and a host of other firearms. This is just a bunch of hooey.

Basically, the entire staff of KVUE was evidently tasked with writing something no matter how inane about this incident for publication today. Most of it not worthy of your time.

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