Monday, September 6, 2010

Quote of the Day

Ambulance Driver in comments at MArooned:
I think I'd be better off if my rig had twin Ma Deuces and a snowplow bumper instead of lights and siren.
I concur... and I don't even drive an ambulance.

While misbeHaven doesn't drive an Ambulance, she did drive a Fire Truck. We got toned out to a grass fire in our end of district and by the time we got to the South Station, we had not heard a peep out of anyone else on the radio. She geared up and launched in the brush truck and I loaded the Engine to follow to give us another 500 Gallons of water on hand. As I started catching up to her on the FM road through the center of our district, I could see her up ahead, lights and siren going, with an SUV in front of her going well below the speed limit with its left turn signal on. Wisely she did not attempt to pass. A couple miles down the road, the SUV finally turned left into their driveway!!!! I could see the steam coming out of the brush truck as she was fuming over this idiot. The fact I was able to catch the brush truck in the engine was a testament to how slow she was having to go behind this goober. Unfortunately, in our county, the Sheriff is more interested in harassing VFD's for following too close than he is in writing up potential voters for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. I will say misbeHaven wouldn't have gotten a ticket anyway as she was giving said goober plenty of room to do something stooooopid to prove how inbred they were.


  1. Negative, misbeHavens Asthma says no SCBA and no smoke eatin' so it is out for us till her breathing is under control.