Sunday, September 26, 2010

That's Unpossible!

So int he news this morning there are a couple stories about shootings at parties.

First, from New Jersey we have a report about a party goer who was asked to leave when he wouldn't pay the cover charge. He returned with a gun and started shooting. Not sure how this can happen as NJ is a Brady paradise that required police permission to own or carry a gun and the state has much discretion about who has a need for that permission.

Second, from California, LA actually, is a report that 10 people where shot at a birthday party. Again, isn't CA one of those Brady paradises that requires state permission and is rather selective about who it lets own and carry guns? This must have been some fancy party full of really politically connected folks since the report states that "several people pulled out knives and guns" when the fight erupted.

I just can't see how either of these shootings are possible since both of these states are held up as the ideals of "reasonable" gun control laws. It must be all those cheap and easily available assault weapons sold by private gun dealers without background checks at gun shows along the US - Mexico border.

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