Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Excriment

So, a bunch of new power hungry psychophants have ousted a bunch of the existing psychophants. Whoop de freakin do! Stay tuned for the flurry of lawsuits and accusations of election fraud as these nut bags try to retain their grip on power. Also, be prepared for the self serving money grubbing legislation that will be rammed down our throats in the next two months by the lame ducktards that still occupy their seats of power. "WaDaYaGoNaDoBoutIt? Fire me?"

Meanwhile, since local news doesn't come on until 05:30 here, we tuned in Houston news. Interesting thing there was that Prop 3 (red light camera continuation) failed overwhelmingly. The ad campaign for it was a union hack from the firefighters union going on about having to pull wreck victims from cars especially children then a hospital administrator who states the fact that "We KNOW red light cameras work". Now that it has been voted down, the cities reaction was, "Now we have to find the money to pay for all the work we wanted to do with the red light camera money. As a result peoples homes are going to get flooded and the streets are going to suck because we can't afford to fix drainage or roads." So, it really wasn't about safety, it was about revenue to pay for things the city should have been doing already and haven't.

The city council meeting this morning in Houston yielded some interesting results. The city controller announced the city would lose $10 million in revenue with the cameras gone. The city annouced that the cameras will stay on and people will still get tickets and have to pay them until they decide what to do. The city has a contract with ATS for another two years and ATS hasn't decided if they are going to sue the city over this yet!

What a crock of sticking poo! If this doesn't show all too clearly that these cameras never were about safety but are all about money then I don't know what will. That is all this is about money! I'm glad we got that settled here locally.


  1. There was another case like that not all that long ago, my brain wants to say it was in Florida, but I'm not positive of that. At any rate it boiled down to a judge deciding the city could keep their red light cameras because the budget required them.

  2. Good news: The Houston City Council ordered the lights taken down Monday. Score one for democracy...