Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Made by Monkeys

I opened the July issue of Design News Magazine to read the Made by Monkeys column. readers send in letters about designs that were done by Monkeys in their opinion. Well, this months column had an article entitled, "Gunfight Lost - Due to Monkeys" about the design of the Ruger SR9c.

Cool to find this in an engineering rag.

That is all. At least until I finish beating on my truck after work. If it isn't raining. And I can get the parts.


  1. So monkeys made the gun that Caleb is shooting in his Quest for Master Class thing?

    It has been amazing to me how many monkeys there are out there who are experts in 3D modeling. I suppose I should go get ready for the Planet of the Apes takeover.

  2. You know, this really goes to show that anyone with a computer can be a design engineer. Or think they are.

    We get that all the time as we have engineers designing models for the wind tunnel. The shocking variations we see in models produced elsewhere that people bring in for testing is, well, shocking.

    As far a Caleb and his gun fit, again, just goes to show that what works for one person really doesn't for someone else.