Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sorry there have not been any posts lately including vacation pictures.

Life just got in the way. You know there are Kitty Cardiologists?
We came home to a lame cat that needs surgery but the vet wouldn't operate after the preop exam reveled a heart murmur. Had to go see a kitty cardiologist here at hte university to see what was up. misbeHaven and I both have had appointments of our own (I had my head CAT scanned and nothing was found).

Made it out to the range Saturday morning then worked that afternoon / evening and Sunday. Had a nuts schedule here at work and I've been working one of the lighter schedules. Got home Sunday to coolant running out of the front of the engine of my truck.

Basically there is just a lot going on and unfortunately blogging is not that high on the priority list right now.

Check back soon. With any good luck I should be able to post again soon.

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  1. "I had my head CAT scanned and nothing was found".

    That explains so much! :P

    It was good to see both of you last weekend - will try to come visit more, now that I have a set of more reliable wheels.