Friday, April 30, 2010

Idiots with Guns and the people who Love them

We just lost another person in the area to human stupidity being blamed on guns. Four 19 year olds were playing aroudn with a .38 revolver one of them had found and they were "loading and unloading it" when the one who had "found" the gun pointed it at his cousin and pulled the trigger Launching a round into his heart at point blank range. He claims he was just dry firing it. I am betting more on the Russian roulette against each other and this guy lost.

Now, one is dead and one is in jail charged with Criminally negligent homicide as he rightfully should. Local PD is still investigating to figure out how they got the gun in the first place and what really happened. Meanwhile, as is usual, the comments on the local TV station and the local paper are a mass of "it was an accident and could have happened to anyone, We should be mourning his loss and the cousin should not be charged for this accident." A few people have already pointed out that this was NO accident and that the shooter rightfully should be held responsible for his actions only to get ragged on by the relatives and friends for blaming this accident on the guy.

You know, the comment section of the local TV and paper are such good fodder for material until you realize, each of those posters has the same number of votes as you!

Actually I should point out that the local law and officials do not blame the gun, it is the family and friends that are saying it was an accident and the gun not the shooter.


  1. It's easier to blame the gun, especially if you're close friends with, or related to, somebody stupid enough to point a firearm at somebody he's not trying to defend himself against.

    But that doesn't excuse pointing fingers at inanimate objects, of course.

  2. I've always been of the mindset, it's not an accidental discharge, it's a negligent discharge.