Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Stoopid, It Hurts

Could someone explain to me how the addition of metal detectors at the doors to the state capitol building could have had an effect on a guy who shot his gun up into the air outside the capitol?

The article at KXAN explains some of it but I still don't get it.

At least Governor Good Hair voted against it. Most of the time he is a friend but every now and then he steps in it and pushes the TTC or other shenanigans that just really aggravate me.

I'm thinking the real money quote is;
The State Preservation Board, in a 5-1 vote, approved a package of security upgrades suggested by the Department of Public Safety in a closed-door session this morning.
The whole closed door crap really bothers me. It is our capitol and our tax dollars they are wasting so the meeting should have been a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

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  1. Shut up. Be happy.

    They know what is best for us.