Sunday, April 11, 2010

Range Day AAR

Basic Pistol 1
70% of the class were women ranging in age from 22 to 64. So much for the old angry white guy myth.

Really this was a fun class. everyone shot well and had a good time. By the time it was over everyone had the chance to shoot everything from a Browning BuckMark .22 to a Kimber Custom in .45 as well as a K19 and Colt King Cobra. We very quickly pushed people form shooting the large rectangular plates up close to 6" plates at 15 yards. Everyone was hitting them and about half the class had never shot a gun before.

Among the instructors who came out to help was Howard Nemerov. It is always a pleasure to see and teach with him.

Also present was an instructor who had a quite the exciting week. He had a round go off inside the factory carton while sitting on the table at his house!! That will be another post as I don't have the pictures on this computer.

Then there is the cow. Her name is Abbey. I brought her home to the K- ranch from the A-Zone range to add to our herd. Again, pictures are still on the camera, not on this PC so that will be another post.

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