Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TV Update

So I posted about the latest of the TV appearances from work. Turns out the show is repeating tonight Wed 4/28 at 7PM Eastern.

AND, there is a crew in today filming for a commercial for one of our customers. I'll post on that when it comes out and is public domain. Interesting and fun crew and time today. Time was built in to today's testing schedule specifically for the film crews so we were not rushed to complete normal testing as well as filming. It should be interesting to see how they cull all the footage they shot into a 30 or 60 second commercial. Maybe they'll make an extended version for their website.

UPDATE: So, the launch will be this fall so no announcement soon. This footage will become part of a ~4minute promotional video and our part should be around a minute of that. Once that happens I'll put a link up to their promotional piece.

Also, go to watch the Weird or What episode on TV last night. It's a little different to see it on the big screen instead of a rough version on the laptop screen. Still funny and just for the record, I really don't need mysteries for life to not be boring.


  1. Finally got to see it.

    Who knew that curling would prove to be so useful!

    Now that you're famous, where are the groupies?

  2. The groupies are right here... those would be me. :-)

  3. As it should be! :-)