Thursday, April 15, 2010

FBI Agent Selling Guns Illegally?

That is unpossible!

One of the many articles is here but I have a question about it.

His sentencing is pending but they say;
John Thomas Shipley, 40, could lose his career and land in prison when he is sentenced July 8.

COULD?!?!?!?!?! how could he COULD lose his career? They guy has been convicted of multiple felony counts and he COULD lose his career as a federal law enforcement agent? I can understand if he worked for BATFEIEIO that a conviction of multiple gun related felonies would enhance your career standings in that agency but the FBI?

Add to that the fact that he presented himself as an FBI agent in some of his dealings and what ultimately lead to his capture was tracing a .50 that he sold to Mexican Drug Dealers that was used in a shootout. So that's where the 90% of guns used by the cartels is coming from in the US. Here all this time I was told it was all those damn gun shows in Texas when it turns out to be rouge federal agents supplying them with guns.

Just read the indictment for an idea of the crap this guy pulled. He'll probably get probation in light of "His honorable service to his country as a federal agent" when what he deserves is to be thrown under the jail and forgotten about for abusing his authority and tarnishing the name and reputation of the FBI.

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