Sunday, April 25, 2010

Biased Reporting? Sloppy Reporting?

So, Newsleak has themselves an article about a gun dealer popped in Michigan and decide to use it as a way to smear gun owners, the militia movement, The Tea Party Movement and Oath Keepers all in one swath.

Just to get it out of the way,their layers of editorial oversight are immense.
when he attended a Michigan gun show and sold a Remington 12 caliber rifle with the serial number altered or obliterated

Oh yeah, I forgot they went after gunshows too. Just never hear of remington making 12" guns for the Navy.

They are quick to point out that there exists NO connection between the arrested FFL and the Hutaree Militia but smear them all together anyway.

The anti ATF passions were egged on by the National Rifle Association

Can't leave out attacking the NRA. This time saying the rise in militia and anti government groups is fueled by the NRA calling BATFEIEIO agents, "Jackbooted Thugs".

Now, some watchdog and gun control groups fear, those passions may be returning, helping to stoke an apparent resurgence of extremist militia and Patriot groups united in their zealous opposition to any firearms enforcement.
Yup, took the words straight from VPC, HCI, Brady whatever they call themselves today and added in the SPLC and their lies warning about anti gov't groups.

But the federal law enforcement official (who asked not to be identified because of the ongoing nature of the probe) said that Priest and the Hutarees "knew each other" and that the Gun Outfitters gun store had sold members of the group about five handguns and one semi-automatic rifle-all of them legal purchases.
So, we can't say who or how because it is an active investigation but we'll use the quote to smear everyone anyway. And they admit, the sales were legal. Five handguns and one rifle? Hardly an anti government arsenal. So a local dealer sold guns to local folks? That's a crime now?

There also seems to have been other reasons for the Hutarees to have taken an interest in Priest's case. Priests' 24 year old son, Jason, who had worked at Gun Outfitters between 2007 and last year, had been arrested in January 2009 after local police responded to an complaint of assault by a member of his girlfriend's family. They discovered in his apartment an arsenal of weapons that included an AR 15 semiautomatic rifle with no serial number, a suspected silencer, ammunition, a tactical vest with spare magazines, and camouflage clothing. Many of these items were packed into a black bag, referred to as a 'go bag' for combat, according to a sentencing memorandum filed by federal prosecutors filed last month.
Oh my, where to start with this one? THe FFL's son worked for him, was arrested and was no longer employed by him after arrest. BUT, here's the arsenal, one rifle,a "SUSPECTED" silencer ammo and a tac vest all stuffed into an ebil black bag. So now we have Assault Bags?

After Jason Priest was arrested, Hutaree leader Stone and his son Joshua approached Walter Priest and offered to break his son out of jail. Walter Priest rebuffed the offer, prosecutors have said.

So, the FFL flat out didn't want anything to do with the Hutaree's illegal activities and was not going to go to illegal lengths to help his son who really screwed the pooch. Sounds like a very dangerous man that needs to be removed from society for the good of the children.

I guess the headline of the piece says it all

Gun Dealer Case Sheds New Light On Hutaree Anti-government Hatred

So, a dealer who has nothing to do with the Hutaree is arrested on charges that have nothing to do with the Hutaree and back when the guys son is arrested the Hutaree's offer to spring him is flat turned down by the dealer all prove the anti government hatred?

Wow, just Wow.

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