Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More illegal immigrant nonsense

The Texas A&M student senate is considering a bill that would register their opposition to allowing illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition for public universities. They have even set up a Facebook page specifically to rally support for the resolution.

It's amusing to me that this is even a topic of discussion. If you are not here legally, how are you enrolled in school anyway? Why do immigrants that come here legally and are enrolled on a student visa have to pay foreign rates of tuition but if you are here illegally not on a visa of any kind, you can get in on in state tuition?

I know someone form California that wants to escape the PRK and come to A&M for school and is investigating how to get his Texas residency so he can attend for instate rates. So he would have to start by paying out of state rates by coming here legally but if he moved to another country and got citizenship there then came here illegally, he could pay in state tuition. For some reason this makes no sense to me. ANYONE?

Whats really funny is someone I know that came here legally and busted his butt in school to become a success and is pretty much living the American dream, kinda went off when I brought up the subject. He wanted to know as well, how the hell are illegals enrolling in school in the first place? Why can't they come in legally and be a part of the American experience like he did? Why aren't the immigration laws enforced and illegals removed and made to do things in the proper legal manner if they wish to be part of this great country?

Just too funny that as soon as anyone calls for enforcing IMMIGRATION LAW, they are accused of being racist. Even immigrants that came here legally. You want to know who is really pissed at the special favors being handed out over illegal immigration, find a legal immigrant. They're even more upset by this than native citizens.


  1. Oh, yeah, legal immigrants get *quite* pissed when the subject of illegal immigration comes up. The common refrain sounds something like, "I followed the rules, so they should have to do the same." And I couldn't agree more with that.

  2. Somehow, folks are missing the intent and definition of ILLEGAL!