Saturday, May 29, 2010


14 and a half hours, 900 and some odd miles, some diesel fuel, one horrendous crash and a bunch of anti-lopes and we are in Colorado Springs. So, would somehting bad happen if you crossed lopes with anti-lopes?

Once I get the actual miles off the truck and we fuel up again I'll have real miles and mileage.
Coming into Wichita Falls TX, there was a little black car coming east on the highway that ran clean into the end of the guard rail, spun around, hit the guard rail on our side of the highway then bounced back into the center median. Both airbags deployed and both occupants out and standing around waiting for the law to show up. That was a sight to see. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera out yet and didn't take any pictures.

Pretty uneventful for us if not just really tiring. Our good friend Chimera is living at Casa De Geek while we are gone to look after the wildlife and critters. He had his own fun getting settled in and the inside monster cat deciding he wasn't paying enough attention.

Anyway, need rest! More tomorrow.

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  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    The furry thugs do insist their demands be met.