Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Gun Goes Off Inside Desk of Third Grader

Sorry but that is the standard load of poo that the main stream media and anti-rights folks spew all the time. The GUN. DIDN'T. JUST. GO. OFF! The miscreant in question put his finger on the trigger and supplied sufficient pressure to cause the gun to fire as it had been designed. Word that the police are investigating the father of the kid in question is a DUH moment. Where did the kid get the gun? How is it that he came to have both the gun and ammo in his desk at school? WHY did he have this gun at school? Why did he think it was a good idea or even acceptable to bring a gun to school and play with it while loaded in his desk in the classroom?

UPDATE: At least the local bird cage liner is more honest with "Boy fires gun in classroom" article. Still appears that they don't have an idea how the boy got the gun.

Another interesting but not unexpected twist, in comments at one of the other TV stations website, there is one claiming info is out there that Dad is a convicted felon out on parole so not legal to possess a firearm.

And another TV station says it was a four shot .22 revolver. Sounds like an NAA micro to me.

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