Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shrouded Muzzle Brake V2.0

So, a while back I wrote about an experiment of mine putting a shroud around a muzzle brake to redirect the gasses and noise forward down range instead of at the shooters on the line around me. Well I have since built version 2.0 and range tested it. I took the Holland quick Discharge brake and made a shroud for it. Since pressure is not a huge issue out here at the end of the barrel I made the shroud out of aluminum so there is not much added weight. While it is no Flaming Pig or a Krink, it does an excellent job for me. It works well as a muzzle brake and the shock wave is sent pretty much down range just as if the brake is not on it. Definitely cuts the recoil well as the work is done when the high speed gasses exit behind the bullet and hit the cuts in the brake. Very happy with the results and NO I will not be offering them for sale. I am not set up for manufacturing or sales so that idea is out.


  1. I am very curious about this. I want to see it.

  2. We'll have to meet up at A-Zone so you can shoot it. Seeing doesn't cut it. Proof is in the shoulder and ears.

  3. Well, just let me know when I can come out to do so. I need to sight in my AR anyway. :)