Friday, May 29, 2009


After much digging and fussing the reloading bench is back up at least temporarily. It is in the "Formal Dining Room" which is soon to be the Library. All that will happen once the garage is closed in and remodeled to include the new "Gun Room". Once the Gun Room and Utility Room and Pantry are complete, the bench and shelves move out there and I can bring the rest of my reloading stuff home. Then we start the fun task of finishing off the Library and building in all the shelves to hold our collection. I've got the Dillon set up for 9mm to start off with as that is in short supply at the moment. Now that the bench is up I can break out the 300Whisper again and get back to playing with it as well. I've got a whole bunch of half completed brass that needs finishing and loading.
And for the curious, that is a Dillon 650 with all but the aftermarket auto bullet feeder with a Dillon RF100 Primer Filler. That was my first anniversary present from misbeHaven along with a bunch of caliber conversions. She got a Kimber Compact CDP and Remington 1100LT Youth 20Ga. Oh to be young foolish and making too much money again. Those days are long gone but we'll manage. Man was she a catch!

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