Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anti Gun Media Bias?

So, 8 AR uppers with barrels along with a stash of ammo were found in a dumpster in Austin yesterday. Of course the coverage is hysterical that these things were loose on the streets.

Howard Nemerov has an article about it with local links in today's Gun Right Examiner.

Who in the heck dumps 8 barreled uppers and a couple thousand rounds of ammo? Do they have no idea of the value? I think next time they should call me and I'll come pick them up and save the neighborhood from the stigma of having it televised that there are "Assault Weapons" running loose around on their streets. The article has been corrected to say parts but the talking head on the news report made it pretty clear that assault weapons and ammo had been found in the dumpster and the folks were nervous that this just didn't happen in their neighborhood. What a bunch of weeenies!
Possibility is good that these are left over from a recent gun store heist in North Austin.

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