Wednesday, May 13, 2009

P-Mag Mag Clips

Couple weeks ago in the fun shoot, we had the chance to play with FireBird MagPull P-Mag Mag Clips from Springer Precision. That's a mouth full.

I don't like clipping, taping or otherwise attaching two mags together in any way for a variety of reasons. If they are back to back, you are putting the feed lips and top (bottom) round as the low point on the gun so anytime you drop to the ground or over a hood or other hard object, the first thing that hits is the mag feed lips and top round. This also will force the mag up into the mag well and nothing good can come of that. If you clip them together side by side, at some point you are going to have one mag or the other up alongside the ejection port. I know it will be slightly below the port but that still puts something in the way alongside the port side of the gun. Just not something I am comfortable with. There is also the issue with the movement, firing and jolting of the gun possibly dislodging the top round in the spare mag. I am not comfortable with this happening or the possibility of this happening. For that reason, I am a huge fan of the Ready Mag and having the first spare mag on the gun attached in a mag well like device. Keeps the top round in place and firmly holds the mag in place till ready to use. Ejecting the spent mag also releases the fresh mag. I use it and practice with it and like that method. Just my NSHO.

That said, with P-Mags, this device seems to work well. You remove the base late from each mag and slide the mag into the mag clip instead. Handy, not too heavy additionally. Holds firmly. Didn't get to torture test it with lots of banging around but the aluminum construction tells me this thing is made to last. It comes in two flavors, 20/30 and 30/30. So you can have two 20 round mags or one 20 and one 30. I can see the utility of the 20/30 as an interesting concept. With a 20 round mag in the gun and the 30 round mag as a spare, The mags don't stick out too far and the spare is up higher along the left side of the gun. The when the 20 is dry, you switch to the 30 and that gives you 30 more rounds and puts the 20 rounder out of the way of the ejection port. In the limited space of a patrol car I could see the space savings as a plus. So, for its intended purpose I think this one fills the bill.

Definitely an interesting concept but it will only work with P-Mags as the base plate design is very specific. Doesn't work with standard metal AR mags so those of us with a collection are out of the loop. No big for me at all. For those of you heavily invested in P-Mags, this may be something for you to consider.

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