Friday, September 16, 2011

Tragedy in Reno

The details of the tragedy are starting to trickle out. I have a dear friend on the flight line crewing for one of the racers who saw the crash and fortunately he and the crew of folks form central Texas are OK. My thoughts and prayers are with all teh folks out there and back here at home effected by the tragedy.

This makes me think of "Acceptable Risk" I have a post of rambling thoughts rolling around but not right now.

I have no doubt that an actual investigation, as opposed to the Monday morning quarterbacking sensationalism that is already going on, will show this to be a tragic accident. I also have no doubt that Jimmy Leeward did everything he could for as long as he could to minimize the damage caused at terminal risk to himself.

Again, I pray for all those directly and indirectly effected and hope and pray for recovery of all those injured, peace for the few killed and sanity for those who had to witness this.