Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post Fire words of wisdom

So, just to let you know, Hank Flemming (Master Gunsmith in Austin TX) has made an offer to those burned out by the fire to bring in replacement guns at what amounts to cost for him.

This combined with pictures from a friend who has a stack of burnt barrels and actions in the back of his truck leads me to a big cautionary word of advice.

DO NOT SHOOT a gun that has been through a fire. Take it to a competent gunsmith and have it checked out. If they say don't shoot it, it is totaled and needs to be destroyed never to be shot again. You r life isn't worth risking on a burned gun. Heat from the fire does good and bad things to metal. Fortunately. there is a good understanding of what effect which temperatures and times have to what metals. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure what temperatures for what times your gun was subject to in the fire. That means the heat treat on the material is compromised.

Just a helpful hint from your uncle Geek.

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