Sunday, September 11, 2011

Buy gun parts for a good cause

In case you have been living under a rock, a major chunk of Bastrop County in Texas burned to the ground. One of the houses that burned belonged to Virgil & Shari Tripp of Tripp research and STI fame. Their shop survived but the house is gone.

My suggestion is that you go buy a part from them. Keep them so busy they don't have time to think about their house burning down. Besides, haven't you been looking for an excuse to buy a bulletproof 1911 mag?

Just to ad, While John Moses Browning designed the 1911, Virgil Tripp designed the 2011 bringing this gun into the next century. Literally. He has done quite a bit of studying of the design and created the logical extension of JMB's work. I am fortunate enough to have not only an STI but a Tripp research 2011 and am proud to have it and know the man who designed and built it. Those who live in Texas should know the extended Tripp family as Alice Tripp is the TSRA lobbyist. As well, go to ANY USPSA/IPSC match in the world and you will masses of his design either in Tripp Research, STI or SV manufacture built by them or by a custom gunsmith on the original Tripp designed frame and slide.

UPDATE: Thanks much to Uncle and HSOI and JayG and No Lawyers Only Guns and Money.


  1. Ordered a John Browning hat today. While I don't have a 1911 I do have a 1919a4, so the hat will go along nicely with it