Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seen at Lunch

A Peace Officer carrying:
A) a 1911
B) in Stainless hand engraved w/ hand engraved grips (Sunday Gun)
C) carried in hand tooled leather duty rig.

Granted this departments official uniform consists of Cowboy Boots, Pressed Jeans, White Stetson and Pressed white Shirt with Silver Start Badge. Fortunately, there was no riot nearby so he was able to enjoy his lunch peacefully. Which is why I didn't get pictures. I really didn't want to interrupt.


  1. Must've been either a U.S. Marshal or a Texas Ranger (grin).

    Our "duty" uniform (U.S. Marshals) was the exact same thing except that the numbnuts in Maclean, Virgina didn't trust us to carry single-action firearms.

    I settled for a Sig P220.

    Those Rangers, they're good guys.