Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dead Six IS ALIVE!!!

Larry Corriea and Mike Kupari Have written a military thriller that came out of their collaborative effort back on The High Road. It is a thriller that is written with two opposing characters perspectives. These two roll off of each other with an ease of two brothers locked in the back of a station wagon on a cross country trip year after year. (Damn that brings back bad memories!) They manage to seamlessly weave the story yet make it so you know it is in fact two perspectives and still keep the story on track and interesting. misbeHaven and I ordered multiple copies so we would have extra's to loan out to people to get them hooked. (First one is free, the rest will cost you)
Speaking of free ones first, you can read the first few chapters of his books for free to get a feel for how good they are.

We already have copies or Larry's earlier books from the MHI series and the Gimnoir Chronicles series. You can get them through Amazon or if you want autographed copies, through Uncle Hugo's.

Do yourself a favor, get this book, then get his older books because you will be hooked.

Besides, Larry is a really fun guy as well as a gun toter and NY Freakin Times Best Selling Author. This would be the man himself after signing one of the very limited numbers of his self published version of MHI. Back before he was picked up by Baen.

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