Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tough day for Dallas Police

So in one day the Dallas PD had to fire three officers. First because one office rgot into a fight with owner and bouncer at a bar....... But police are the only ones allowed to carry in a bar because us mortal non sworn citizens would be too dangerous with a gun around where alcohol is served. The second for an officer that got into a fight at the Hospital ED and later made racist remarks about it. She must be clinging to her go d and guns as she is a racist. And finally, we have an officer steal a gun during a traffic stop. The officer searched a persons car and found a small amount of marijuana and a pistol. THe officer "let the offender go" but kept the gun and drugs. He then tossed the drugs and kept the gun for himself or to use as a throw down gun at a future crime scene. So, either it was a collectable or a piece of crap that he had a use for and decided to keep it. Just one more reason why police should be the only ones that have guns because we peons can't be trusted.

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  1. Something tells me that cops didn't really throw the pot away....